Get to Know Them – Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

At last!!! My report is finished! I can post something on my blog!!!

I’ve been prolonging posting because I needed to focus on the report that I was making… And today I get to post something about my favorite Anchovy! kkk well.. that’s his nickname.. but though it might not sound good to others but I think it’s absolutely adorable…

Today, the post will be dedicated to Super Junior’s dancing machine.. EUNHYUK.. real name Lee Hyukjae (not to be mistaken for the comedian with the same name — and that is exactly the reason why he changed his name.. kkk). This guy is absolutely cool!!!


Eunhyuk (은혁/銀 赫)
Real Name: Lee Hyukjae (이혁재/李 赫 宰)
Nickname(s): Jewel Guy (보석미남), Monkey (from the Zodiac)
Date of Birth: April 4, 1986
Place of Birth: Goyangshi NeungGok (고양시 능곡) (경기도 일산)
Height: 176 cm/5′ 9.3″ (mentioned on Yashimmanman that his real height was +/- 2 cm so 174 cm/5′ 8.5″ :))
Weight: 58 kg/127.6 lb
Blood Type: O
Siblings: older sister Lee Sora (1984)
Pets: Choco (lives with his parents)
Specialty/Hobby: Dancing (all genres), Exercising, Listening to music
>> His bestfriend since middle school is JYJ’s Xiah Junsu
>> He was in a show called “Showdown of the Century (세기의 대결)” in 2002 hosted by Kangta and Moon Heejun with Sungmin and Junsu
>> He likes to drink strawberry milk
>> He writes some of the rap lyrics in the Super Junior songs

Videos Videos

Showbiz Extra Interview

Eunhyuk’s Funny Poses

Dancing on Star King

Dancing on Introducing a Star’s Friend (and he hired the dancers!!! I wouldn’t hesitate if he gave me that rose! kk)

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Eunhyuk (은혁/ )

Real Name: Lee Hyukjae (이혁재/ )

Nickname(s): Jewel Guy (보석미남), Monkey (from the Zodiac)

Date of Birth: April 4, 1986

Place of Birth: Goyangshi NeungGok (고양시 능곡) (경기도 일산)

Height: 176 cm/5′ 9.3″ (mentioned on Yashimmanman that his real height was +/- 2 cm so 174 cm/5′ 8.5″ :))

Too Perfect (Korean Version) – Super Junior M

Just a post before I go…

I cannot not post it! kk 🙂

This is the Korean version of Too Perfect by Super Junior M.

I like this better.. or maybe I am just listening to too much Korean songs these days so I prefer it.. kk ^_^


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Perfection – Super Junior M

I’ve been lagging posting this… because I have to make a report.. make that 2 reports… but I finally found the time! kk

It’s the MV of Super Junior M‘s  new song Too Perfect / Perfection (太完美).

I think I need to get used to having Sungmin and Eunhyuk in this subgroup. It’s kind of different now Hangeng (Hankyung) is not there. But I think both of them could fill the gap. I’m pretty sure  both of them could do that. The song sounds a little different. I have to admit this is not the kind of song I am into, though I dig the rap part of Eunhyuk and Henry. But I know some of you will like.. just that it’s not for me. I like Super Girl better :). But I still like Suju! kk

And this is a bonus clip! I adore Henry! so I kinda like it every time he flaunts his piano and violin skills.. and this time we see it on Kang Shimjang (Strong Heart).

I think he is appearing more on Korean TV now… and that’s good!

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Super Junior M comeback!

Super Junior M (the SUJU subgroup for the Mandarin speaking market) will be making a comeback! Yay!

They are coming back with a new video called Too Perfect (太完美). Here is the teaser…

And when I saw their video, I thought I was seeing things when I counted 8 guys. Unfortunately, I haven’t been stalking them like I used to in the past (LOL), so I am not up to date with their activities. So when I did a little digging up I realized I was not seeing things, as there are 8 of them… its the original Super Junior M, minus Hangeng (Hankyung), but plus Sungmin and Eunhyuk. This is going to be a treat!!  And behold their concept photo…

Kind of like a Siberian prince concept… but they look great.. oh I can’t wait for Feb 25!!

I can’t wait ^_^

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Addicted to Super Legacy

I know I rattle about my boys a lot.. and by my boys I mean Super Junior…

And now I found the perfect forum! kk~~~ the perfect forum where I can spazz and learn a lot of new things about Super Junior. And that would be in >> Super Legacy <<

I’m sorry about the picture I posted here.. but I had to do a print screen for it… kk couldn’t find a picture. The forum just started abut 2 days ago.. and i am addicted to it! kk.. well I’m still figuring out how to it.

The website aims to unite all the the ELFS around the world. The website also has TWELFs.. they give you the latest sj news. And if you missed SJ subs.. then its here on this website.. you may download their videos but you have to follow the rules and be a good student first! They also have their own video gallery and a server for their videos… so no mo yt… kk

In the 2 days, I’ve gotten crazy about my posts there.. kk.. I so love it!

So international elfs.. hurry and sign up now!! 🙂