DBSK@Sparkling Concert 120409

I’ve been missing my favorite boys…

But luckily, and if I might add thanks to yuulinajoongie and DBSKnights33@youtube I’m not missing them anymore. Apparently the boys were one of the guests for the Sparkling concert that happened a few hours ago (I think, coz that’s the date that was posted on youtube). Ahh… what would I do about youtube?!?!?!

A friend of mine is currently somewhere in the world where she can’t access youtube. Though there still are other sites… but nothing beats youtube (that’s free advertising for them.. nyahaha)!!!

So what I’m posting now are some fan cam versions of their performances…

Mirotic Performance

Waaah… Junsu… breaking my rules again! wahaha I love the part where he changes the tune… as usual you can hear the fans screaming in the background.. that happens everytime he does that. I’m never tire of it ^^

Wrong Number Performance

They really look good with their white suits… ahh.. never get tired of hearing this song..

Purple Line Performance

I think this is the opening song they did for that… but then again I’m not sure… ehehehe just deducing from what I see

** credits  yuulinajoongie and DBSKnights33@youtube, dnbn and as tagged


DBSK @ Lotte Fanmeeting 090328

Another post about my favorite boys!!!

So for awhile they’ve been busy promoting their new album (Secret Code)  in Japan. But last 090328, they went back to Korea for the Lotte fanmeeting / Hope Concert.

I was checking youtube and their were fan camara versions of their performances uploaded on youtube so I’m sharing it to fans like me. As usual the boys are at their best performing their songs. But what amazed me is that Xiah Junsu, according to the website i browsed through, was sick during that time. But he still is a performer. If he can perform so well when he’s sice, how much more if he’s healthy (oops there goes my bias again! ahahaha).

So enjoy the vids!


Don’t Say Goodbye

Love in the Ice – Junsu fancam focus

Love in the Ice

Purple Line – Junsu fancam focus

** credits to yuulinajoongie and farahmicky@youtube, dnbn, ontheroadtvxq and xiah-forest.com and sites tagged (in the videos)


DBSK at NHK Utacon 2009

As I was browsing through post-wothy articles (ahahaha.. one of my favorite past times), I saw an article about my favorite boys (DBSK). The article was written last March 17 and it mentioned that DBSK (or Tohoshinki as they are known in Japan) will be performing at the NHK Utacon.


I was waiting and looking around youtube to find any posts of the performance. Luckily no1akiyama posted it! Yay… though I missed this on TV (we do have NHK on TV, that’s where I watched Kouhaku last December), I still get to see my favorite boys :D. I justhope they dont remove this video!!! ahahaha

So here is the video of the performance last 03/17/09. They sang Bolero.. the performance was lovely.. I love Micky’s hair.. ahaha and of course how Junsu sang his part!  No subs though for the interview part…

**credits to sharingyoochun@wordpress for the picture


DBSK in Fast and the Furious

I was again browsing around some news on asianfanatics (trust me, this site has the latest news and its one of my favorite sources for Asian stuff). And at the sight of this news I thought I have to see this movie!

D O L C E from Asianfanatics posted DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” is featured on the fourth installement of the Fast and the Furious. According to the article she posted..

“while Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. ”


I think I have to go see this movie… well for one I have to check out this news about DBSK’s song being on it… and since Paul Walker will be in the film! (liked hims since I saw him along side Joshua Jackson in the Skulls).


Too bad this movie will still be out next month (I hope its shown here — in my country — the same time its going to be released in the States)…


Xiah Junsu’s solo concert

I am a self confessed DBSK addict. Thanks to my friends shiira and whirpool — they introduced them to me last christmas, and since then I was addicted to them. Among the 5 gorgeous boys, I like Xiah Junsu the best, because love the way he dances and to me he has the best voice!


I found an article that I wanted to share about my favorite boy! Apparently he will be having a solo concert 3 days before the DBSK concert this Febuary. It will be called XIAHTIC. XIAHTIC produced by Junsu, will show an awesome solo performance where he specifically created the song, and also dance.

One of his guest will be Key from Shinee (this band is good to, they sund Amigo and Stand by Me – featured in the OST of Boys Before Flowers). He will be rapping in the concert.

DBSK’s concert –  TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT MIROTIC – will be held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

source: NEWSEN + DNBN
Translations: L4uRa
posted on shineee.net

source: NEWSEN + DNBN
Translations: L4uRa
posted on shineee.net