Super Junior Super Show II Fancams

Like I promised! 😀 ehehehe.. but sorry this post will be a bit long!

Thank god for the pretty boy power blog (spazzes@wordpress)!!!

I found some fancams from the site… so I decided to embed some those that I liked! kikikiki (though some of them are  audio versions only :D). There were a lot more videos posted in spazzes, so you can click on this link to see the other videos :D.


Very very cute! From what I read in the Suju thread in soompi, everyone performed except for Yesung, Shindong and Kangin… ooh so cute! Babo! ahahaha if anyone sees a better version please tell me! kikikiki

Twins (Full Version)

I know this is their first single.. but I’m not much of a fan of this song.. ehehe I prefer Miracle over this… but watching this video, and seeing the boys new looks make me remember their debut video!

Ryeowook  Solo – Insomnia (Audio only)

He sang the English version! wohoo! Craig David version! It was nice hearing Wookie’s version… I just wish it wasn’t just the audio… there was a part when the audience was screaming loudly.. I’m a bit curious what happened.. kikikiki

Kyuhyun Singing  with Suju Drama

In some versions of the video, it’s labelled as Carnival… but I’m not sure.. coz when I hear the song it reminds me of a very old song.. Puff the Magic Dragon… but I’m not sure because I can’t hear Kyu’s voice over the fan’s crazy screams!

Sorry Sorry

White! that’s the color of the suits they were wearing.. and as usual they look so handsome.. so white so cute! ahh… I wish I was there!

Siwon Solo – Who Am I? (Audio only)

It’s just the audio version… but I had to include this post! 😀 Siwon! ohh… this song is a Christian Song… I loved the way he sang it and I love the fact that he chose this song to sing! 😀 Siwon-shi… 😀

Leeteuk Solo – Honey

Move over JYP! ahahaha kidding! Teukie! I’m at a lost for words.. couldn’t describe this video! But Teukie is soo amazing! pictures will be next! kikikiki

** credits spazzes@wordpress + kimtt HCCN + +  HyukGem, melliegrace16, sichee13 and EuNteUkseasoon1@youtube + as tagged


Super Junior Neorago @ SBS Inkigayo 090517

It’s the 17th and today is Super Junior’s first peformance of their new single Neorago. I watched it on tvants and I have to say that I died after watching the video (lol!) 😀

I absolutely loved this performance! The boys never cease to amaze me! ahaha the concept was something new and was different from that of Sorry Sorry.. It was refreshing. Still missing Kibum though 😦

I love their new outfits! Its different from the suits they wore in Sorry Sorry.. all of them looked great. Loved Hankyung’s outfit! ahahaha Sungmin hair is shorter than before… so there’s no flip movements of the hair like that in the video. Kangin’s hair died gray… I will need to get used to this hair! Teukie’s apple hair is back! ahaha he did a ponytail of his hair on the video. Heenim.. your hair’s back! ahahaha.  Siwonnie looked so cute! And Yesung’s adlibs…

But I have to say though this was Eunhyuk’s stage! Waaa… I still can’t get over him showing some skin with the jacket movement! Soooo hot.. Love Hyukie’s part! I died when I saw that part! I loved the popping chest movement! Oh oh only for you! waaa…

I can’t wait for more performances!

**credits saintverdy@youtube


Suju vids this weekend :D

I’m spamming Super Junior videos this weekend.. to pave way for their performance of their new song Neorago on Inkigayo tomorrow (absolutely can’t wait and I’m so excited for this)!!!

090515 Performance at Music Bank

The boy’s last performance on Music Bank for the Sorry Sorry song. Next week they will be performing It’s You. In this performance the boys looked so good in pink and white! Siwon looked so good! Sungmin’s wearing a hat! Real men should wear pink! ahahaha ^-^… the boys also won the top spot! yay!

090516 Performance at Music Core

This will be their last performance of Sorry Sorry on the countdown shows as tomorrow they will be starting the promotions for Neorago tomorrow :D. They looked so good in black and white this time… Sungmin and Kangin both have hats! they looked good! I’ll be missing Sorry Sorry especially the dance! ahahaha but I can’t wait for Neorago!

It’s You Making the MV and Photoshoot

I posted the link for this video earlier but there was no subs yet… but thanks to sjsubs09, they subbed it for us to understand it!

Korean Airline Sorry Sorry Parody

I’m not sure when this was posted on youtube but I just saw it now… and i nearly fell off my chair while laughing to this parody! It’s the best! ahahaha a must see! wahahaha

**credits SuJuPalace,  sjsubs09 and jaeuraznMV@youtube + eternalove4suju +  ferugamo13 +  GemieSJ + kirra12


Neorago 너라고 (Super Junior) drama version MV

I just got home (we’ll about 15 minutes ago :D)… I was out watching Angels and Demons and I have to say it’s a must see movie! (I enjoyed it compared to the Da Vinci code movie version — but I think I’m a bit biased as I preferred Angels and Demons [book] over the Da Vinci code)…

So anyway I got home and the first thing I checked is the drama version of Super Junior’s Neorago (It’s You MV). And youtube as always has the video! 😀 So as promised I’m posting it!

In this version, the boys do not dance.. but it’s more of like a focus on them while they are singing. Unfortunately though for Kibum, he does not sing a part in the song 😦 but he still is in the MV! He was the first member to appear in the screen… I wonder if he will be in the Inkigayo performance… I hope he will be! And I can’t just help but be excited thinking about the performance on Sunday (May 17 – don’t miss it! make sure you have tvants!). Everyone of the members has their own time grazing the screen. I love Siwon’s cuts! he really acted with his telephone concept… Hankyung also looks sooo good in this MV! All of the boys do! ahahaha.. and for Wookie fans, you get to see hiom throw the bouquet! (it was cut in the other official MV).

I also found a subbed version of this mv.. wondersmurf posted it here.

Absolutely can’t wait for Sunday!

**credits GemieSJ and wondersmurf@youtube


One more song from Sorry Sorry version C

Today is the official release of Super Junior’s Version C for the Sorry Sorry album! Tomorrow another version of the Neorago MV will be released (if I’m not mistaken it will be the drama version…). And on Sunday, the boys will be performing on Inkigayo! I absolutely can’t wait to see the performance!

I’m actually just sneaking to make this post.. ahaha I have a lot of things to do but I can’t help but check the net to satisfy my addiction.

And thanks to randomRinnie@youtube.. she made my day! ahahaha… She posted the audio version for the song that was written by Ryeowook and Sungmin. The song is called 첫번째 이야기 (Love U More). This is one of the four new songs on the Version C of the Sorry Sorry album.

I have to say the song sounds really nice and I can’t help but be excited since Sungminnie did it (and Wookie too…). Wookie did a good job with music of the song. 😀

I found a video for the Super Junior “It’s you” MV making + photoshooting.. but there are no subs yet.. so if you want to watch it, click this link. Subs anyone?? 😀

Waaah… I should really get back on the things I need to finish today!

**credits randomRinnie@youtube and GemieSJ@youtube