Recommended Drama – Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Ok so I haven’t recommended something in a long time.. but I have to write about this before I get stuck up again with lots of work related stuff to do! And because the drama is still airing.

Actually though I am not posting a lot of articles in the blog I have been up to date with the dramas, though not so much with Kpop and variety shows anymore. And this drama is what I’ve been looking forward to see every week!

Most of the dramas I watch are from the big Korean stations, I don’t usually watch dramas on Korean cable because they’re not so much popular. I think the only cable dramas I watched were Manny and Joseon X files. With Korean dramas I tend to stick with the mainstream ones. But I started to watch this out of the whim for the ever so popular Scheduler from 49 Days. Yes, because of the Jung Il Woo, I watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!

I’ve always like him since I saw Nae Sarang (My Love) the movie he starred with Lee Yeon Ji among others. He used to have little baby fat that time though, but he was cute. I didn’t even know who the other characters were, except for Lee Ki Woo. This is his come back drama after enlisting for the military — but I only remember him from the movie The Classic.

Flower Boy Ramyun shop is a story about a girl, Yang Eun Bi who struggles through passing a civil service exam. While her fortune about her exams told, the fortuneteller says she will be meeting the one destined for her and she will hear bells when she does. One day, she accidentally meets a handsome but arrogant Cha Chi Soo and she hears bells. Eventually she ends up asking him to date, only to find out (to her humiliation) that he is still in high school. Later we find out that Eunbi’s dad has a ramyun shop but she does not inherit it but instead was given to her dad to a lazy Choi Kang Hyuk. And so Eunbi ends up working for Kang Hyuk and so does Cha Chi Soo.

I actually thought that this was another simple drama, with a story line that contained a lot of cliches, but as I watch the story unfold, its full of twists that I would never have guessed. The script is also commendable as it gives you an excited and giddy feeling thinking about someone you love. I think it’s story, though some parts I’ve seen in other dramas already, has a lot of depth to it. It’s not just seeing a bunch of flower boys and screaming your heart out. Every week I couldn’t wait what’s going to happen next. They’ve got me anticipating for the next episode.

And the biggest plus in the drama for me is Lee Ki Woo!! Like I said I faintly remember him in The Classic. He was the guy who married the heroines mom. But I think the army did good to him! I knew he always has a towering body like a gentle giant, but he looks absolutely fantastic in this drama! And he fits the role perfectly. Yang Eunbi.. if you don’t want the pillar can I have him instead! I love that his character is the dependable man who seems to be lazy on the outside, but in fact is so calculating and smart on the inside!  I want a man like that! ^_^

This drama isn’t a boring one as there are a lot of jokes and characters that make it a nice show to watch. The sub characters add a little more flavor to the ramyun that the main actors have cooked. If this was my ramyun I would give it a 4.5 out of 5… The 0.5  deduction is because there are some cliches that are there.. some twists that I could have guessed but kudos to the writers for giving a new light to it.

This ramyun is better served hot so as a sample, I give you a song from the OST. It’s called Loving Loving by Yoon Sae Ha.

And as a side dish I give you some pic spam of Lee Ki Woo!!! kk 🙂

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I Can’t Wait for Skip Beat!!!

Ok so I know some of you may have seen the trailer already as it has been uploaded on youtube for sometime now. But I really really can’t wait for it.

Skip Beat is actually one of  my favorite anime and manga. It’s one that I have watched for a long time, though unfortunately I haven’t been paying close attention to it now. I like it because Ren Tsuruga is to me the ideal man! (though this kind of men you only meet in mangas, i’m not sure if they really exist!! kk). Also, the story of this anime/manga is quite interesting to me.

I was really happy when it was picked up for a live action adaption which was then supposed to be starred by Ariel Lin and Jerry Yan. I’m not much of a Jerry Yan fan (though I have to admit he is getting more handsome the older he gets), but I like Ariel Lin. She is by far a very talented Taiwanese actress, at least in my opinion (i love how she can change characters but I love her the most in ISWAK).

When news of the change in the actors came, I was a bit disappointed that Ariel Lin was not going to be part of the project. But the disappointment was replaced by happiness when I learned Siwon was going to play Ren Tsuruga!! Wee… Just perfect!

So I can’t wait for this to be shown!!

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Of Lee Seung Gi and the Gumiho

I don’t usually play around with my blog, I am just contented with posting stuff about Asian music. But today, I think I’ve done the best revamping my blog has seen since the time I started it! And I am indeed very pleased!

Very pleased because I have now made Lee Seunggi as the header of my blog. And the picture that you see is one of my favorites. If you watch 2 days and 1 night, I’m pretty sure you will recognize this picture! The angel without wings.

So why suddenly Lee Seunggi. One I have been constantly reminded of him in my class! Most of my students like him a lot, especially the women! He is the perfect husband they say!Oh yes, our Seunggi is a kind soul. He’s not just kind, he is smart and he can sing and he does best at everything he does. I sound like a crazed fan… but I think I am. I am a certified Airen! for those who does not know, that’s the name of his fan club!

Another reason why I thought of him when making my header was because finally (after ages and ages of waiting!) My Girlfriend is a 9 Tailed Fox is going to be shown on TV!! Well TV in my country that is. True I have seen the drama, but I can’t wait to see it again, though this time I won’t be hearing his voice because it would be dubbed. But at least it will be shown in the TV network I prefer. So I am confident it will be dubbed properly (bato bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit).

I saw the promotional clip and I can’t wait for it. Though I am guessing it will be shown during a very late timeslot (I hope it replaces My Princess.. kk sorry). I think I will be watching out from me. Anything to see my favorite Hoi Hoi couple.

So why this drama and not My Princess, well there’s Lee Seunggi and then there’s No Min Woo for one (oh the biases here they come!). But kidding aside, I like the story because it was a different Gumiho story. I’ve had my fair share of seeing Gumiho stories in Kdramas, but none would compare to the love story found in this drama. Though it seemed predictable at first, I mean we know Dae Woong (the human) would fall for the lovable Gumiho, but at the latter part there were puzzles you had to discover to understand the whole plot. This drama worked for me just fine! Oh and not to mention the OST! Love the songs, especially the Gumiho teardrops song, makes me feel a little sentimental.

And who would ever forget this song! Losing My Mind

Lee Seunggi joahaeyo saranghaeyo! kk

So I’ll stop here.. gotta go back to watching 2 days and 1 night and more Lee Seunggi! kk

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Goong Pic Spam

I know I know this drama was shown ages ago… but I still love it and it has to be my all time favorite.

A student of mine spoke nonstop of this drama the whole day! kk Actually she was watching the drama for the nth time but she says she always gets giddy with Goong (Princess Hours).

So I had nothing to do and I looked through my old files for my Goong pictures… and I decided to do some pic spamming.. kk…

Fell in Love with the characters in the drama…


The Crown Prince….

The Crown Princess (Yoon Eun Hye is very cute here!)…

The Original Crown Prince (who was recently discharged from the army! ooh can’t wait for his next project!!)….

The Other girl.. the Ballet Dancer (I used to hate Song Ji Hyo but I so love her now! Long Live the Monday Couple!!! kk)

Some liked the Shin and Chaekyung Couple

While others prefer Chaegyung to be with Yul

But in the end… Chaegyung chose Shin…


And got married… oh what a lovely couple!

Some other pics… I wanted this stuffed toy?? stuffed whatever… kk

And this is probably the most romantic scene in the drama for me!!!

And who could ever forget the lovable teddy bears!!!

I could watch this drama over and over and over again!!!

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Dream High Flash Mob

I love to watch Flash Mobs!

Though I know all of it was planned beforehand but it’s very exciting to watch.

Today as I watched the last episode of Dream High.. I was so excited to see the flash mob dance.

I’m not even finish watching it but I needed to make the post! kk I love flash mobs! kk

Spot Miss A if you can! another cameo! love this drama really!!

Though I am a little sad that this drama is ending. It’s the one (during this season) that I’ve really watched without missing an episode. Sigh.. well everything happy has it’s end… 🙂

I wish there was a second season.. but one with a story you can compare to this!

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