Favorites from Superstar KBS (Gag Concert Skit)!

I started doing this post about a week ago, but suddenly I got caught up with work and school activities. I did not know I would be this busy.

Anyway… I wanted to share some of my favorites skit from Gag Concert — it’s Superstar KBS. If you have not watched Gag Concert before, it’s a weekly show on Sundays on KBS where comedians (gagmen as the Korean call them) make skits. Over the years the skits have changed. You might have remembered this show for Wang Biho — the guy wearing shorts with a top that has a red heart who was fond of criticizing Kpop idols! (i miss that skit!)

But today, I won’t be writing about Wang Biho. On to Superstar KBS. This was made to be a spoof on Superstar K. This skit features the comedians with celebrity guests at times performing a revamped version of a popular Kpop song. It was so funny that I would always laugh my heart out. The skit usually ran for about 8-10 minutes, but I won’t be posting a whole episode, instead I will be posting my favorite acts.

Nobody – Army Version

I love this! Haha.. I was literally laughing a loud! I know Nobody by the Wonder Girls is a very popular song, and it was so fun to be used like this. The funniest part was when they brought out the chocopie! Oh Korea!! Haha.. for the unfamiliar, when someone goes into the army especially when they are on active duty, they don’t really get to eat much sweets and chocopie is seen as a luxury. I had several students telling me that they cried when they ate chocopie.. in the toilet! And these are men we are talking about!!! Though they said rules have become a bit lenient now.. chocopie is still considered like a symbol of happiness for enlisted officers (though now I think it’s those girl groups performing on camp! lol)

Blood Type  Singers – Sorry Sorry, Run To You and Majimak Insa

I have lots of favorites from this parody! hahaha.. It actually depicts blood type and their personalities. In most East Asian countries, blood type is a way to say someone’s personality. Type A is the passive one, who always thinks before they act. Type B is usually the one who follows and goes with the flow, Type O is the leader and the assertive one while Type AB is the spontaneous, weird sometimes crazy type. It’s fully depicted in the songs they sing! Haha.. it’s soo funny though!

Foreigner – Bad Girl Good Girl

Hahaha.. It’s a Chinese, a Japanese and an English/American singing a song in Korean! I know it’s not nice to laugh, but I can relate to this because of the accents of my students in the past. But this time they are singing Korean. I am so amused by the man who plays the English speaker. If you have seen other skits on gag concert you will know that he is Mr. Fernando from Good Morning Hangul. I am amazed because his accent is really good!!

Ppong Brothers – Manmanhani, Sarangbi

My all time favorite! And this is also the part of Superstar KBS where most Kpop artist appear one. A lot of my favorites have been removed by yt! Unfortunately.. but I found some that I did like. In this skit, they turn a pop song into a trot song! Haha.. trot is like a type of Korean music with a certain beat and a particular tone of voice when singing. Think Shabang Shabang. It’s fun to listen to Kpop revamped into a trot song. And it’s even more fun to see your favorite Kpop singer do it! haha

These are just some of the skits I really enjoy. Though to some, these may not be as funny, but for someone who like Kpop and has been watching gag concerts for like a long time now I love Korean humor!

Watch this before it disappears!!!

**credits: Yari U-Kiss, filmrhyme,  Lợi Lanh Lợi @yt


Britney Learns Gangnam Style from Psy

It’s amazing how big Gangnam Style is all around the world!

And now, Britney gets to learn how to dance Gangnam Style from Psy himself!

Britney and Simon Cowell were guests on The Ellen Show. Ellen brought up that Britney made a tweet one time that she wanted to learn Gangnam Style. And lo and behold, Ellen surprises Britney by bringing out Psy to teach him.

I guess you can say Britney was shocked! Hahaha.. I guess she never expected Psy to come and teach her. I think her surprise was genuine. Look at the last few seconds of the video, she didn’t know what to do and she was surprised by the dance lessons.

But Psy is a character! I like it. “Dress classy and dance cheesy” is epic quote of this season!

You go Psy!

**credits: TheEllenShow@yt


I Want It That Way the ABS-CBN Newsroom Style

Ever wonder what happens inside Newsrooms of TV Channels?

I had a blast watching this video!

It’s the ABS-CBN News Team‘s version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way.

So that’s what they are doing! Lol.. I’m kidding! I know how serious these people are at their jobs but it’s nice to know they know how to liven up and have a little fun. Who says working in the newsroom is no fun? Haha…

Seeing this video makes me miss home and watching Philippine TV. But I am amazed like they not only made the younger news correspondents sing, but they also made veterans like Korina Sanchez and Noli de Castro sing to the song!


And I think I would have to commend them because they were game to do it, knowing that this will be posted online and might even go viral (knowing how many Filipinos would be watching it!).

This is a super fun video! So now spot your favorite news personality! haha.. I see Atom Araullo… reminscing 5 and up days!! And Dyan Castillejo is so sexy! hahaha 🙂

Have fun watching it!


Super Junior in SNL Korea 2012.07.14

I am not fluent in Korean but I could understand some of it.. and this was very hilarious!

It’s Super Junior hosting SNL Korea!

I haven’t seen an SNL Korea episode, but we know I’ve seen a lot of the American SNLs (one of my favorite shows!) so I pretty much understand how the show works. Now the boys are hosting the show and doing the skits themselves!

It’s been a long time for them to so shows like this. Actually, I couldn’t recall them doing variety like this. Though the closes may have been those parodies but not to this format. Did they pull it off.. I think so, I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t say it isn’t because I’m a suju fan — so that view might be tilted a bit *wink wink.

What was the best part? The opening! Watch it to know… I had to do a double take.. but not giving any more spoilers!!

Now they have to be on more variety shows! lol

**credits: Excentrique1106@yt


Shinhwa and Shinee on Shinhwa Broadcast


If you’ve read my blog, you would know that I have been obsessing about Shinhwa since they made their comeback. I know a lot of you will say they are old idols.. but it’s exactly because of that that I like them 🙂 Not to mention the fact that they are so funny when they are in a show together.

So Shinhwa has this show on a Korean cable channel called Shinhwa Broadcast. And for the past two weeks Shinee has become their first idol guest! So what do you get when you put them together in a show? A very noisy, crazy, funny show!  And that is why I am sharing.

Click on the links ^____^ (only part 1 and part 2 for the moment, will edit this post when part 3 is up)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I did not do the subs for this, nor did I upload it on yt. That’s all been made by  Jeannious1128@yt (orangebox88@blogspot.com). Big big thanks to her for subbing all Shinhwa broadcast and feeding my Shinhwa addiction!


**credits: Jeannious1128@yt + as tagged