More Junsu from Secret Code tour

I posted yesterday that Junsu was in a wheelchair during their Secret Code concert in Japan. I found a video of him on youtube from his performance. This time he was standing (yay!) while singing Bolero. Though I miss seeing him dance its better than seeing no Xiah Junsu at all :D.

As always he sang from the heart 😀 ehehe… Also found some pictures of him in the concert.. I hope he will be feeling better during the next concert!

secret code1

secret code2

secret code3

secret code4

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Junsu injured… on a wheelchair..

Yesterday was the start of the my favorite boys Secret Code tour in Japan — I bet for how many days they were busy practicing. Unfortunately since I am not living in Japan, I have to rely on youtube fancams to get the feel  I was looking for some fan cams on youtube and I found this fancam… with Junsu sitting on a wheelchair (they were singing Heart Mind and Soul)

Apparently, Junsu was injured before the concert (during a rehearsal)… Aw, poor Junsu…

I was doing some searching on DBSK related sites and this is what I found… a message from Junsu about the event..

Kobe! This is Junsu!

The first day of the tour and I hoped to actually look cool for everyone but i fell onto my feet during the rehearsal.

I’m sorry to worry everyone.
But soon I’ll show the undefeated and perfect Tohoshinki to everyone.

JUNJUWA ~ v (^ ◇ ^) v

He still can sing so well even on a wheelchair ^^…Aww… get well soon! And from what I gather they will probably be changing some of the choreography to adjust to Junsu’s injury..
** credits: ichigoKJJ@youtube for the video, for Junsu’s msg… All credits to
Translation: az1989@lj, DBSKnights + OneTVXQ, sharingyoochun@wordpress


Junsu’s Oyagi Gags

I know it’s a bit old and most of you are familiar with Xiah’s Oyagi Gags. But I just can’t help it! I love watching him do those gags ^^!! Thus I’m posting a collection of some of the Oyagi Gags he did.


Xiah not only has a wonderful, power voice; he doesn’t only dance; but he is a funny guy who does these gags! Love them!!

Collection of Junsu’s Oyagi Gags

Sorry no subs… But I can share 2 oyagi gags… 1. Kamo, Come on -> kamo means duck.. so it translates to duck, come on… 2. (Boku Wa) Tamago no kimi mo suki desu kedo kimi mo suki -> play of words.. kimi in japanese could mean I or egg yolk, same pronounciation but different characters, sentence means I like egg yolks but I like you :D… this this my favorite Junsu Oyagi gag! ahaha I love the way he says KIMI MO SUKI! waaaa…

Clip From Hey!3x Phonebooth

This clip is a little old and it was subbed by DBSJ. Anyway, Junsu does his usual gags again and it was hilarious when the phone (or the somebody they are talking to) says enough already! ahahah Junsu is so cute 😀

** credits to KeitaBunnie and 14ambot14@youtube for the videos


Xiahtic – Nanjing Concert 090404

I don’t have to tell you how much I love Xiah Junsu. He simply is my favorite boy among my favorite boys.


So the boys had their concert recently (090404) in Nanjing. And though I couldn’t go there to watch the concert, I have youtube to satify that want.  The video I am posting is a fancam version of Xiahtic (I love how it sounds). He looks soooo… sexy 😀 for Xiah’s fans.. feast your eyes!

** credits to yuulinajoongie@youtube and dbwjw@youku


Neh Gyeoteh Soomswil Soo Ittdamyeon (White Lies) – DBSK

The song I’m posting now is an old song from DBSK. I was looking at random youtube videos of DBSK and one of the videos I saw was that of the Anyband Concert in 2007.


One of the songs that was featured during that concert was the song composed by Xiah Junsu (both the melody and the words) and arranged by Lee YoonJae. The Song is called Neh Gyeoteh Soomswil Soo Ittdamyeon (If I Could Breathe by your side) or White Lies. The song was launched sometime in 2006, if I’m not mistaken it was in September.

This song was supposedly written by Junsu to express the feelings for a past girlfriend (if you’re a Junsu fan I’m sure you’re familiar about this). The song is really so sad — it deals with a person wanting to be with the person he loves but it is not possible to do it. Here I go again with my heartbreak songs! And hearing this song and watching the live performance of my favorite boys makes me sooooooo jealous of that girl ^^ (green-eyed monster mood!).

I’d like to think that the girl he made this song for was the same girl that he mentioned when they guested in Come to Play (his first kiss…) — green-eyed monster mood again ^^.  If you haven’t seen this, look for the videos ginaya posted on youtube.

Neh Gyeoteh Soomswil Soo Ittdamyeon (Romanization)

Eormana horryeoni haengbokhaetdeon
Neowa hamggaehan shigandeur..
Ijaeneun ddeona bor su eobseurtaendae
Haneobsi eorin neor dugo

Neor bomyeon oseoye haneundae
Hwanhan misoreur boyeoye haneundae
Jaggu nae saenggagae nunmuri na

Ijaen ijeoya haneundae
Gieog sogae jiwoya haneundae
Ijaen neor ddeonaga

Dan hanbeon mannar su ittdamyeon
Geudae nar barabor su ittdamyeon
Nae modeun geor dangshingge boyeo jurgeyo
Ijaeggeo sumgyeowon nae sarangeur…

Yi saesang na eobseodo
Neomaneun haengboghagireur barargae
Wurjima Jebar wurjima
Daggajur suga eobjana

Nar Borggabua neomu duryeoweo
Nae mami deowug seurpeojirggabua
Na neor nugo peonaya haneunde

Saranghanda heunhan marjocha
Yijeggeot marhaji moshettneunde
Neor saranghandago

Dan hanbeon mannar su ittdamyeon
Geudae nar barabor su ittdamyeon
Nae modeun geor dangshingge boyeo jurgeyo
Ijaeggeo sumgyeowon nae sarangeur…

Na peonarge neo eobneun meon goseuro
Yidaero neor naeane jiweo gargge

Shigani horreo neorbor su ittdamyeon
Geongmar dan harumanirado
Neor manjir su ittdamyeon

Yeongwonhi ddeonaji anheurggeoya
Nugumoda deo saranghan geudaer…

Ne gyeote sumsuir su ittdamyeon…

Neh Gyeoteh Soomswil Soo Ittdamyeon (Translation)

How much time passed since our happy memories..
I cant even try to leave now
Leaving the tender you

I have to laugh in front of you
I have to have a bright smile in front of you
But when I think of you I start to cry

I have to forget you now
I have to erase you from my memories
I leave you now

If I can meet you just one time
If you can see me
I will show you my everything
All of my hidden love…

Even if I am not in the world anymore
I will only wish for your happiness
Dont cry, please dont cry
I cant even wash them away for you

Im afraid because I might see you
Because my heart might become sadder
Im going to have to leave you now

Even the common words of I love you
I couldnt say until now that I love you

If I can meet you just one time
If you can see me
I will show you my everything
All of my hidden love…

I’ll leave now to a place where you dont exist
Like this I’ll erase you from me

As time passes if I can see you
If I can just touch you for one day

I wont ever leave
My love for you that surpasses everything
If I can only breathe next to you…

Neh Gyeoteh Soomswil Soo Ittdamyeon 네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면  (Hangul)

[최강] 얼마나 흘렀니 행복했던 너와 함께한 시간들..
이제는 떠나 볼 수 없을텐데 한없이 여린 널 두고

[시아] 널 보면 웃어야 하는데 환한 미소를 보여야 하는데 자꾸 네 생각에 눈물

이 나
[유노] 이젠 잊어야 하는데 기억 속에 지워야 하는데 이젠 널 떠나가

*[영웅] 단 한번 만날 수 있다면 그대 날 바라볼 수 있다면
내 모든 걸 당신께 보여 줄게요 이제껏 숨겨온 내 사랑을…

[믹키] 이 세상 나 없어도 너만은 행복하기를 바랄게
울지마 제발 울지마 닦아줄 수가 없잖아

[유노] 널 볼까봐 너무 두려워 내 맘이 더욱 슬퍼질까봐 나 널 두고 떠나야 하

[영웅] 사랑한단 흔한 말조차 이제껏 말하지 못했는데 널 사랑한다고

*[시아] 단 한번 만날 수 있다면 그대 날 바라볼 수 있다면
내 모든 걸 당신께 보여 줄게요 이제껏 숨겨온 내 사랑을…

[최강] 나 떠날게 너 없는 먼 곳으로 이대로 널 내안에 지워 갈께
[믹키] 시간이 흘러 널 볼 수 있다면 정말 단 하루만이라도 널 만질 수 있다면

[영웅] 영원히 떠나지 않을꺼야 누구보다 더 사랑한 그댈…
[시아] 네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면…

** credits to dbskarchives for the romanization and translation of the song,  x3Yesung@soompi for posting the hangul lyrics of the song, and bioneuron@youtube for the video

if you like the song please click here (to get a copy)


DBSK @ Lotte Fanmeeting 090328

Another post about my favorite boys!!!

So for awhile they’ve been busy promoting their new album (Secret Code)  in Japan. But last 090328, they went back to Korea for the Lotte fanmeeting / Hope Concert.

I was checking youtube and their were fan camara versions of their performances uploaded on youtube so I’m sharing it to fans like me. As usual the boys are at their best performing their songs. But what amazed me is that Xiah Junsu, according to the website i browsed through, was sick during that time. But he still is a performer. If he can perform so well when he’s sice, how much more if he’s healthy (oops there goes my bias again! ahahaha).

So enjoy the vids!


Don’t Say Goodbye

Love in the Ice – Junsu fancam focus

Love in the Ice

Purple Line – Junsu fancam focus

** credits to yuulinajoongie and farahmicky@youtube, dnbn, ontheroadtvxq and and sites tagged (in the videos)


Taxi – DBSK

My favorite boys have released their new Japanese album yesterday. However these days I’ve been a bit busy with some stuff so I haven’t been paying attention so I haven’t heard all of the songs, except this one that I am posting. This was shared by my friends earlier today.. when I was feeling a little down in the office.

The song is called Taxi (9th track in the album). When I first heard the song,  I was teary eyed, eventhough I could not understand what the song meant. The tone of the song itself is nice but it was sad. I have to say that this song (well in my opinion) sounds better than Doushite (and doushite is my favorite DBSK song).

the-secret-code dbsk

Since there isn’t any video available yet, so im just putting in the audio for the so. Caution when listening! this is a sad song and I mean it’s REALLY SAD! so be ready to hear this song…

I don’t have the translation to english yet (my friend is still working on it! ahahah). The romanization is done by my friend innocent 色男.

update!!! innocent 色男 has posted the english translation! yay! please take out with credits 😀


Taxi (Romanization)

karameta yubi wo hodoku tabi
sono nukumori wo nigiri kaeshita

kimi ni aeruto omou tabi
boku no kokoro wa irodorareteku

tawainonai dekigoto mo
futari de ireba omoide ni dekiru noni…

※kimi no koe mo sono hosoi kata mo
sono hitomi mo boku no mono janai
donna ni soba ni itemo…
kimi no mirai kawasanai kagiri
kono omoi wo kanaeru koto wa dekinai yo
hitotoki no yume itai hodo suki na noni
yoru ga owatteku…※

aenai toki wo umeru youni
kirameku machi no hodou wo aruku

hajimete te ni fureta toki
odoketa kimi no egao ga yomigaeru

dakishimetai dakishimete itai
dakedo kimi wa boku no mono janai
ibitsu na kokoro ga ima…
dakishimetai dakishimecha ikenai
afureru hodo tokeru hodo motomete iru noni
takushii tomete yakusoku mo kawasazu ni
kimi wa te wo furu…

Taxi (Translation)
each time you let go of our entwined hands,
i grasp that warmth again.each time i think of meeting you
my heart is filled with joy.when we are together, even silly moments can be memories

* even your voice, and also those slender shoulders,
and even your eyes are not mine,
no matter how much i am by your side…
unless i ruin your future,
this feeling cannot come true.
it is a one time dream; i love you so much to the point that it hurts,
but the night is ending…

to fill up those times we can’t meet,
i walk on the glittering town’s streets.
your naive smilling face at that time when i first held your hand,
keeps on coming back to me.

i want to embrace you, embrace you tightly
however you are not mine.
now my heart is wounded…
i want to embrace you but i must not
i want you to the point that it overflows, that it melts.
you got on the taxi without even making promises,
you only wave your hands…

(repeat *)

Taxi (Kanji)




※君の声も その細い肩も
その瞳も 僕のものじゃない
どんなに 傍にいても…
君の未来 壊さない限り
この想いを 叶えることは出来ないよ
ひとときの夢 痛いほど好きなのに



抱きしめたい 抱きしめていたい
だけど君は 僕のものじゃない
歪(いびつ)な 心が今…
抱きしめたい 抱きしめちゃいけない
溢れるほど 溶けるほど 求めているのに
タクシー止めて 約束も交さずに

** credits to for the Kanji lyrics, innocent 色男 for the romanization and translation
if you like a copy of the song please click here

DBSK is on Guiness!

I haven’t written something about my favorite boys for a long time. But as I was browsing on the net for some news about them, I saw a post-worthy news!

dbsk mirotic

This  was posted by chunjess@asianfanatics. The article says that my favorite boys are going to be on the Guiness Book of World Records for being the artist to have the most numbers of photos of all celebrities globally.

This is what was written:

Korea’s band TVXQ, has made another record in the Guinness Book Of World Records. According to the incomplete counts, Korea’s famous male band – TVXQ, from debut to today has partake in numerous photo shoots of magazines, album, singles, CFs, endorsement etc kind of photos has surmount over 500 000 000 ( including group, solo shots and with others ). TVXQ has became the only artist with most numbers of photos of all celebrities globally.

The total number of photos are counted from the day they debut to 19 March 2009.

source: TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot
shared by : xU@OneTVXQ



If I am not mistaken, this is the second Guiness Record that has something to do with them. Last year, the artist’s fanclub Cassiopeia got in the world record for being the fanclub of an artist to have the most number of member (registered members – not including those who did not register).

Pictures! Pictures!!! (“,)



dbsk in balck

dbsk in jap magazinetvxq pink background


dbsk black and white

I so love my favorite boys!!

** credits to lavender rain ♥ , kitty1011,  zelle, wackyU and LeeSammy@asianfanatics for the pictures


DBSK at NHK Utacon 2009

As I was browsing through post-wothy articles (ahahaha.. one of my favorite past times), I saw an article about my favorite boys (DBSK). The article was written last March 17 and it mentioned that DBSK (or Tohoshinki as they are known in Japan) will be performing at the NHK Utacon.


I was waiting and looking around youtube to find any posts of the performance. Luckily no1akiyama posted it! Yay… though I missed this on TV (we do have NHK on TV, that’s where I watched Kouhaku last December), I still get to see my favorite boys :D. I justhope they dont remove this video!!! ahahaha

So here is the video of the performance last 03/17/09. They sang Bolero.. the performance was lovely.. I love Micky’s hair.. ahaha and of course how Junsu sang his part!  No subs though for the interview part…

**credits to sharingyoochun@wordpress for the picture


DBSK in Fast and the Furious

I was again browsing around some news on asianfanatics (trust me, this site has the latest news and its one of my favorite sources for Asian stuff). And at the sight of this news I thought I have to see this movie!

D O L C E from Asianfanatics posted DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” is featured on the fourth installement of the Fast and the Furious. According to the article she posted..

“while Paul Walker’s sexy behind was chasing down a bad guy, the sounds of a remix of DBSK’s song “Rising Sun” was permeating the atmosphere. Director Justin Lin made the film decidedly Korean. ”


I think I have to go see this movie… well for one I have to check out this news about DBSK’s song being on it… and since Paul Walker will be in the film! (liked hims since I saw him along side Joshua Jackson in the Skulls).


Too bad this movie will still be out next month (I hope its shown here — in my country — the same time its going to be released in the States)…