I Want It That Way the ABS-CBN Newsroom Style

Ever wonder what happens inside Newsrooms of TV Channels?

I had a blast watching this video!

It’s the ABS-CBN News Team‘s version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way.

So that’s what they are doing! Lol.. I’m kidding! I know how serious these people are at their jobs but it’s nice to know they know how to liven up and have a little fun. Who says working in the newsroom is no fun? Haha…

Seeing this video makes me miss home and watching Philippine TV. But I am amazed like they not only made the younger news correspondents sing, but they also made veterans like Korina Sanchez and Noli de Castro sing to the song!


And I think I would have to commend them because they were game to do it, knowing that this will be posted online and might even go viral (knowing how many Filipinos would be watching it!).

This is a super fun video! So now spot your favorite news personality! haha.. I see Atom Araullo… reminscing 5 and up days!! And Dyan Castillejo is so sexy! hahaha 🙂

Have fun watching it!


Ikaw At Ako (You and Me) – Johnoy Danao

I know I post a lot of Korean and other Asian music on my blog, but that does not mean I have lost touch with the true blue OPM sound. So I am posting another one.

I actually came across this song from a wedding video posted on youtube. And I love this song so much that I wanted to share it! It’s Johnoy Danao‘s Ikaw At Ako (translation: You and Me).

I am a sucker for Pinoy Acoustic music. And when I heard this I loved it on the spot. And I love it even more when I read the lyrics. It is so far the best Filipino wedding song, by mt standards at least. The melody of the song is subtle which blends perfectly with the voice of the singer. I love that what you hear is just the voice of the singer and the strums of his guitar. Because of that it gives the best romantic feeling. Another thing is, I am a shameless hopeless romantic. The first time I listened to this song, it made me cry. I wish I would also have a love story that is being described in the song (especially in a world like ours now).

This is the lyrics of the song (in Filipino):

Ikaw at ako, pinagtagpo
Nag-usap ang ating puso
Nagkasundong magsama habangbuhay.
Nagsumpaan sa Maykapal
Walang iwanan, tag-init o tag-ulan
Haharapin bawat unos na mag-daan.
Sana’y di magmaliw ang pagtingin
Kaydaling sabihin , kayhirap gawin
Sa mundong walang katiyakan
Sabay natin gawing kahapon ang bukas.
Ikaw at ako, pinag-isa
Tayong dalwa may kanya kanya
Sa isa’t-isa tayo ay sumasandal
Bawat hangad kayang abutin
Sa pangamba’y di paaalipin
Basta’t ikaw, ako
Tayo magpakailanman.
Kung minsan ay di ko nababanggit
Pag-ibig ko’y di masukat
Ng anumang lambing
At kung magkamali akong ika’y saktan
Puso mo ba’y handang magpatawad
Di ko alam ang gagawin kung mawala ka
Buhay ko’y may kahulugan
tuwing ako’y iyong hagkan
Umabot man sating huling hantungan
Kapit-puso kitang hahayaan
Ngayon at kailanman
Ikaw at ako.

I love to have this song sung at my wedding. 🙂

*credits: johnoydanao@yt


Pangarap Lang Kita – Parokya ni Edgar ft. Happee Sy

I have always loved OPM bands. I grew up listening to most of them. Though I have not really been listening to a lot of the recent OPM songs, there are some songs that make it to my playlist once in a while.

And this is the recent addition.Pangarap Lang Kita by Parokya ni Edgar ft. Happee Sy.

I know this is not a new song really and I’ve heard this a year ago, but I never really got around to listening to it properly because I was oh so addicted to Kpop that time. I remember that I first listened to this song out of curiosity because of Happee Sy. Happee Sy is actually the one who made the Super Shows in Manila possible, that’s why I like her (and I commend her efforts!). Bringing Super Junior to the Philippines paved the way to opening the doors of Kpop music in the Philippines.

Recently, I had a friend who shared this song again with me, so I got to listen to it properly (thank you boredom for making me listen to it again). And yes, I like it. Actually, I’ve always loved Parokya ni Edgar. I listened to them since I was in high school (and let’s just say that was quite long time ago). Their songs are always good ~~ music and lyrics alike. So it was no wonder that I fell in love with this song again.

The lyrics of the song talks about a man who is in love with a girl but couldn’t tell her his feelings because he fears he will be rejected because she’s kind of rich while he’s poor. He says, she will just remain a dream. On the other hand, the girl is in love with a guy but she really can’t make the first move because she’s a “conservative” girl. She says, he will just remain a dream. So both of them are each others dream but they’ve accepted that its just a dream.

This is the narrative version of the video.. where you can understand the story:

Though to some it’s kind of pathetic, but I think a lot can relate to this at least one way or another in their lives. Ain’t it sad? But whatever, I like this song 🙂

And just for laugh.. this version is with Vinci singing and playing the girl on the video! LOL!

**credits: ** alfonsomirandajr@yt


Naiisip Mo Ba – David DiMuzio (MV)

This is indeed a first! I mean this is the first time that I’ve seen an American who has released a Filipino song in the Philippines! And I am happy.

This is the song Naiisip Mo Ba by David DiMuzio.

It’s a great song. I especially like how he blended English with the Tagalog. Though, the tagalog is only heard in the chorus, I liked that it’s sung by a foreigner but you can really hear the tagalog part.

Yes, mga kababayan, he is an American! According to his facebook page, he is from Charlotte, North Carolina but he has recorded and wrote several songs for artists such as Nyoy Volante, Mark Bautista, and Top Suzara (Freestyle). You can check out his facebook page to know more about him.

Wow I am very impressed with him. I actually saw his video because I was searching for covers of Lagi (Kiss Jane). And thus I found this video.

It’s a very good cover I think.

Gonna be looking out for more of his tracks! I’m loving his music! 🙂

*credits:  daviddimuzio@yt


Nostalgic Dances of the 90’s – Streetboys and UMD

I was supposed to be looking another video for a post I was making, but instead I had the itch to post about the Nostalgic dances of the 90’s.

To me it’s nostalgic because that was the childhood that I had. I am a 90’s kid. So if grew up in the Philippines (like I did), you probably grew up listening to American music and dancing to the Western dance hits of the 90’s. At that time, there wasn’t any Kpop or Cpop songs. I remember however that there were some Jpop songs, especially those by Pizzicato Five, that became popular here.

At that time, dance was very very popular! Especially pop dances.. and there were about 3 dance groups that ruled – the Manoeuvers, the Universal Motion Dancers (aka UMD) and the Streetboys.




The video I am posting is of them dancing.. (no Maneuvers though..)

You see at that time, each dance group choreographed songs and it became their songs, thus no other group can make another choreography.

UMD was one of the first dance groups to become extremely popular. They were very popular because of their butterfly dance for the song Always by Erasure (circa 1994). I remember they had a movie and then an album called Dancing with the Motion, something like that. Then there was Manoeuvers, they were the dancers of a Sunday show called ASAP on one of the big TV networks in the country. They made the song Sweet Soul Revue popular (I’m posting this one next!). There was another Japanese song but I could not remember what it was though. They were popular because they were the back up dancers of Gary Valenciano, a popular singer in the Philippines. Then of course there was the Streetboys. Can I scream?? kk Is my bias toward them too obvious?? They are actually my favorite among the three. Long before Philippine dance crews were doing the Bboy moves, they were the pioneers of Bboy-ing in the Philippines. I remember their popular move was worm style exhibition (I honestly don’t know what it’s called). And I especially remember how to dance Mmmbop (yes the Hanson‘s Mmmbop) because of them. Nostalgia…

What made this nostalgic for me is that I remember dancing to the choreography in elementary school. And I remember everyone danced to it. When I saw the dances it felt like I was back to that time. How I miss it, the time when no one cared about the future, all we cared for was play play play!

But we grow up 🙂

**credits: flyingkidz and fhay17@yt