Rantings: Of New Kpop idol groups…

My students in Thailand love Kpop! And that is why I get along with most of them (because I am the teacher who adores Kpop!)

This is my first time really writing about what my day job is in my blog, though some people already know. Yes,  I am teaching here in Thailand. And my students are in middle school and high school. Anyway, like I said we get along pretty well because of Kpop. Most of them warm up toward me especially when they know their teacher goes gaga over Super Junior, Big Bang and 2NE1.

But something about what one student told me made me write this post..

My students know I write a blog as a hobby. I told them it’s because I like Kpop and because I want to practice writing. So I sometimes encourage them to check my blog once in a while just to practice their English.

But today, someone asked me.. “Teacher why is there no EXO article in your blog?”

I was suddenly shocked! I didn’t know what to say. I knew that student really liked them.. however I only know EXO by name (I know they released MAMA) but I don’t know anything about them! Come to think of it I have no clue about all the other recent debuts made in Kpop. I guess I am pretty old school.

In the past year, there were a lot of Kpop debuts. I don’t even know who the new girl groups are or who the new boybands are.  I knew something about EXO. But doesn’t everyone know about them. I remember thinking it was so crazy having lots and lots of teasers for a new boy group. But I never really paid attention to them. It’s not that I don’t like them it’s just that I can’t keep up! They have been debuting left and right that I don’t know who is who. And also I have a day job that I have to do so I can’t give it 100% of my time.

The last debuts that I really kept track were that of Teen Top, B1A4, and Infinite. And that was like so long ago! But I still do like these idol groups. But I think to me I am sticking out to the original idols. I don’t why but I guess I am one of those fans who grew up with the idol group who was popular during their time. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why I am not really welcoming the new debuts.

Also, my tastes in Korean music have evolved from just listening to pop music, to listening to the different Korean music genres. I tell you there are a lot, just that when we think of Korean music, we just associate it with Kpop. But the Korean music scene has lots more to offer like Hiphop – Yoon Mirae (Tasha), Tiger JK, Leessang, DJDOC – Ballads – Sung Sikyung, Hugak, 4Men, 10CM, Nell – Acoustic and Indie – Standing Egg and Peppertones, among others.

I have also started to listen to old Kpop songs.. actually I hear them most of the time in shows like Immortal Song 2 or I am a Singer. I like it and so I look for them. Most of them were released even before Kpop created a storm all over the world.

I guess because of these reasons, I never really paid attention to New Kpop idols.

So if you are wondering why EXO or VIXX or NU’EST or AOA or B.A.P doesn’t make it to my blog.. come back and read this post 🙂

Oh and to keep from hurting my student, I just said… I’m not really into them.. I’m still gaga over groups who debuted way way before them!

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Sexy, Free and Single – Super Junior MV

Finally!! I’ve been waiting for the MV. The song had been released 2 days ago, but I wanted to post the MV instead of just the song.

My Super Junior craziness is back on track with their release of Sexy, Free and Single.

The Song

When the teaser was released, I was afraid it was another track that would sound like Mr. Simple. Though, there is still a touch of the funkiness (I think this would be their trademark sound), I’m relieved that the song is not only a funky one, but with a mix of rnb and a bit of electronic. It’s also a bit slower compared to previous dance tracks that they have released. Though, there are still a lot of parts that are autotuned. But I’m glad that not more thatn 50% is autotuned. They are still singers, so I think it would be better to hear their real voices and not some computer generated ones.

I’m also glad, that they not only gave the singing part to KRY and included Sungmin and Donghae as well as gave singing parts to Eunhyuk and not the rap parts only. I think it’s time that they tell people that the other members can sing too! I have to say that from the time they have debuted until now, their singing has greatly improved.

But I think they still have to work out their English though. I’m not sure weather I heard Mingle or Bingeul. 🙂 Mingle would be the appropriate word, and I think it’s the correct word. But if you know a bit about Korean, you will know that M and B may be interchanged in terms of sound, so that’s maybe the reason why it did not sound quite right. So SMent, please invest more with the artist English ability, especially because you are targeting the global market. If Wonder Girls has done it, I’m sure you can!

The Video

Hmm, there is nothing new about the concept of the video, it’s like the same as the past videos they’ve done. I don’t know if this is a trend with SM videos, or Super Junior videos in particular. It’s just them walking and dancing. I have no complaints as a fan. But if I turn into a critic, I think it’s pretty boring. I mean, they should have a video with a story or something else. Just a fresh idea would do. I know they’ve done it in the past like in It’s You (Neorago) and No Other. So they should have come up with something that screams “We are Sexy, Free and Single and we want to mingle”. That is after all the meaning of the song. It’s weird that you only see them mingling with each other if you know what I mean. But having to many people would make it too crowded.

How many of you were trying to spot Kangin? Well I was! I don’t really go gaga over Kangin, but I kind of miss him during his 2 year hiatus. I have to say I was pretty excited when he sang his part. And I think you noticed that he is back to the lean Kangin! I like him better this way!

For a song that’s not really fast, the dance is very very good! This is way better than the Mr. Simple dance! I would love to see it live though and of course I can’t wait for the dance version!

Final Verdict: The song still has a touch of the SJ Funky sound, but thank God for them adding other beats like. The video is nothing extraordinary but the ELF can see their favorite boys… That enough to make them (and me included) happy!

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s come back on Mnet!

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How Have You Been???

OMG!!! It’s been over a month since I posted something on my blog.. mianhae-yo..

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind for me here because I had to transfer to another place for my job. And unfortunately because of unforeseen circumstances in this place, my internet took more than a month to be connected. But anything goes here so I understand that.

I’m going to try to post as much as I can now that finally my internet is ok. I mean probably writing this blog will that think that will make me sane here. Don’t get me wrong, I like this country just fine but I still miss home, especially during the holidays.. 🙂

So these days I’ve been watching old korean dramas and I have been once again addicted to Ji Sung. I mean he is not super handsome like Jo In Sung or Won Bin or Hyun Bin. But I guess it’s the appeal and how good he is as an actor plus I super loved him and his character in Protect the Boss. Makes me wish to be Noh Eun Seol!!!

So for my great comeback, this is from the drama Save the Last Dance For Me (Eugene and Ji Sung) and it’s called Give My Love by Edward Chun. This is the English version by the way!


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Back! ^_^

So I am back after a long hiatus… and yes it was a little difficult to stay away from writing something on this blog. It was tempting… very tempting.

I actually did not go somewhere but I had to do some sacrifices for the Holy Week. I had to give up some of my favorite things to do in the world.. (1) watching 2 days 1 night (Il Bak Ee Il), (2) watching Running Man (OMG I didn’t even know Song Joongki changed his hairstyle!!), and (3) writing something on this blog.

I’m way behind all my favorite things to do… and I have to do a lot of catching up! kk

But I’m back and I have a lot to post on this blog! kk

And because I’m back I’m posting a real wicked video! kk Itaewon Freedom by UV ft. JYP (kk 80’s feel!!!)

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At last… I could access my blog!

I was very frustrated for a week because I could not post any entries to my blog. My IP address got blocked by wordpress. But all is good now because at last I can access it!

So because I could not post, I engrossed myself with watching lots of youtube videos. I found myself watching lots and lots of commercials or CFs as the Korean people would call it.

And this has got to be my favorite:

Mani Mani Juseyo!!!!

I absolutely love love love Wang Seok-hyun (the name of the kid). He is perhaps the cutest kid I know. I saw him first in the movie Speedy Scandal (with Cha Taehyun). Oh so cute!!! I love it when he smirks!

Love this kid… more posts to come… when I finish my report~~~~ kk

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