25 comments on “Asian Movie Recommendations

    • kk it’s ok.. i haven’t updated myself with kmovies and i’d love suggestions.. watching dramas are taking a toll of my time..

        • DO NOT WATCH THAT DRAMA!!! sorry it’s in caps.. but though siwon was in that drama, i never watched passed the first ep!!!

          • I found it interesting XD but like I said I didn’t watch it completely…not enough action. I’ll probably look for Iris and Athena and Rooftop Prince

          • Iris and Athena are definitely way better than Poseidon… i cringe at why Siwon was in that drama!

          • The funny think about Poseidon is at first Eric was suppose to play Siwon character XD gues it’s a good think it was delayed ^_^

          • yes it was! see how they’re linked! maybe shinhwa and suju can do a guesting in beatles code!!

          • It would be totally awesome to see them there XD Just thinking of the idea make me laugh…Now that I think about it, any varieties with both as guest will be hilarious XD

          • if both of them are in one.. i think it would be just crazy! super junior should hurry and promote something so they can be on shinhwa broadcast! lol

          • Apparently the 6jib suppose to be released before the London Olympic with start on the 27 of July

            Quick irrelevant question, I know Andy and JunJin appear in one of the Strong Heart before their comeback, I was wondering if you knew which episode it is….

          • almost!! i can’t wait! i just hope that it’s not another sj funky track… i love them but it’s getting a little bit boring ^_^.. i think it’s ep 107 and 108…i’m not sure though

          • I can’t wait too pretty much excited about it ^_^
            Yeah it’s 107 and 108 but everywhere I look I can’t find the english sub for the full episode. I know a couple of people made the request on a forum, so i guest I’ll wait and content myself with other video ^^’

          • how about viki? usually they have it.. but only for north america residents..

          • I check and the sub only the ep 108 so far….I should go teach them how to count….in my book 107 goes before 108 XD, I probably watch 108 and look for the first part after…

          • maybe they only subbed that part because shinhwa spoke there.. no one’s interested in the other artists..
            if only my korean was ok so i dont need subs!

          • hmmm there is TRAX in also which share an interesting story about why the hell JungMo have X-Mas for stage name XD LSM and is funny way to found name.
            I want to learn korean for be able to watch show without the sub, I try myself but it’s kind of hard^^’

          • i always thought trax had weird stage names! korean is actually ok, i think it’s easier than japanese and chinese.. hangeul is like the english alphabet in a way.. i do know how to read but my problem is i don’t understand too much because my vocabulary is not too good.. and i haven’t studied for quite some time because i’m studying another.. sigh..

          • Typhoon Rose Attack X-Mas XD yeah that’s kind of weird.
            I able to convert the Hangul into letter I still have some trouble with few word, but I able to do it even if it’s took time. What I need to get it’s the sentence structure and the vocabulary, I have flash card which help me, but if I can’t understand the structure I will not me able to speak it.

          • you have to switch it.. it’s the other way around from what were used to and they have all those prefixes.. but i think korean is easier to learn and could be learned by yourself.

          • Like instead of saying ” I’m going to the store” there are saying ” To the store I’m going “?
            I think when I’m get the base (and a good dictionary) I’ll be good.

          • exactly.. when you translate it word for word its like that.. you can try to check talktomeinkorean.com… their style works for me…

          • The funny think about Poseidon it at first Eric was suppose to play Siwon role XD

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