Hiatus and Shinhwa Obsessions

I went on a long vacation! But it does not mean I have been missing things about Asian stuff!

For the month I didn’t make a post, I have been obsessing watching past and present videos of SHINHWA!!!

Shin who?? If you’ve just become a Kpop fan for about a year or two, you probably would not recognize. They were one of whom you would call the original Kpop idols— long before DBSK, Big Bang and Super Junior!

They haven’t been around for 4 years or so but they’ve just came back with a new single. And I was watching their videos the whole time even while I was on vacation! Oh blame it on these guys craziness!! I swear they always make me laugh every time they are on variety shows. I think they are called Korea’s original variety idols!

But enough said, I am back from my vacation and will be posting more (when I can, because it’s the start of school again in Thailand). And thus, I leave you with my favorite Shinhwa song… Perfect Man.

** credits: Yeonsoo18@yt + as tagged


21 comments on “Hiatus and Shinhwa Obsessions

  1. I totally understand your obsession it my gotten worst when I started watching Shinhwa Broadcast….I now where Super Junior craziness come from now…Shinhwa show them how to do XD

    • my sentiments exactly! and shinhwa broadcast is just so crazy! i can’t help but laugh at everything!

      • Sometime I really wonder their mental ages XD
        DongWan kill me with his speech in episode 11
        “Where Should I put my Height Insole!!!!” XD

        • ikr! it’s just sad that a lot of fans can’t relate to them anymore.. but this is shinhwa! they’re still the best in doing variety shows!

          • If it wasn’t of their comeback, I don’t think that I would really know who they are. I would know their name, but I would pay really attention to them, but since I really liked “The Return” I decide to learn about who they are and I really don’t regret it. What I really like about them it’s I finally found Idol that I can actually call Oppa XD, I’m older of all the other idol even Super Junior. I was somehow relief to found them XD.
            I think with ShinHwa Broadcast they will gain in popularity. Even if I’m closer to be an E.F.L than any other fandom, I can say ShinHwa are legend not only in Music but also on Varieties.

          • for me, i knew about them but i didn’t really care.. i was too hooked up with DBSK and Super Junior, but something was different, DBSK was younger than I was and I’m Kangin/Shindong’s age. So when I saw them on We Got Married (Andy and Solbi couple), I was hooked! I do hope they’d be popular! The only problem with Shinhwa Broadcast is that it’s on cable in Korea! But thank god for youtube! 🙂 I see a lot of similarities between Shinhwa and Super Junior… as an ELF I want them to last as long as Shinhwa or even longer

          • I’m a year younger than Andy so I really relate to them when they talk about age XD. I feel more close to ShinHwa than any other group cause of that ^_^
            I found a good website where they post all the sub for ShinHwa Broadcast ( and a lot of other varieties)
            There is a lot of similarities between both. Both group are real entertainer, they are not only idol.
            I hope Super Junior will last as long as Shinhwa too ^_^

          • i know the feeling… which website is it? the orangebox one?
            that’s the youtube user who does all the subs for shinhwa broadcast! and thank heaven for her! kk
            i can see the similarities really… they have to last long! now i wish Super Junior were still complete!
            i miss those EHB moments!

          • Daebaksubs : http://www.daebaksubs.com/
            Agree they have to last log ^_^ It would be awesome to see Super Junior on Shinhwa Broadcast XD
            I came to like kpop after HanGeng departure, but watching old vid, make me wish he comeback.

          • Jeannious post her on Daebak to ^^ I rather watch her sub than any other cause she post in only one part ^_^ .
            Thanks for the other link, I remember watch some of her vid while looking for Minwoo dance ^w^

            Super Junior it’s 13 + 2 and it will always be like that, my dream is too see Super Junior doing the same thing of Shinhwa, creating their own company ^^

          • i hope that would come true!! i bet all the other elfs are wishing that too.. its most likely to happen, especially because if you think about it, they have a lot in common!

          • ahaha.. i’m dreading that time!
            i want to see them again in a concert before that happens..

          • Teukie leaving this year and each time I think about it I become a tad depressed….It sure I,m gonna cry when he is say he goodbye speech. I never see them in concert….it suck leaving in a country where idol will most likely never come…..

          • where are you from if you don’t mind?
            i was so frustrated not having watched them this year!
            their tickets sold out after about an hour!!!
            i’m living and working in thailand now and i thought i would get to see them.. but there are a lot of thai elfs though so not enough tiks for me 😦

          • Canada…..>_> The closest city where they perform is NewYork but so far they only did SM Town…
            You will still have the chance to see them, with the upcoming 6jib it’s sure they will have a Super Show 5, with missing member yes, but SM like money so they will not miss the chance to make another SS

          • don’t worry.. i think sm will be having lots more concerts there knowing they have a market in North America now.. i want to watch another super show but with all of them present! i only saw one but no han geng, kangin and kibum!

          • I hope so, at least Toronto….I mean Henry come from Toronto after all.
            That will be awesome to see all of them again on the stage, performing their old success like before ^^

          • trust me they would! or maybe Canada can do something like what French Kpop fans did to get SM’s attention! but i think they have plans!!!

          • Kpop in America is will not well know, I mean when i say I like kpop people look to me like if i was an alien….

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