Royal Pirates Covers Ailee’s Heaven

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them… and I mean a really long time! I was wondering when they’d be back with another cover!! I am talking about Royal Pirates!

They recently uploaded to their youtube channel a cover of Ailee‘s Heaven.

So who are they?? If you started your Kpop fandom sometime around 2009 you might recognize them as the group that covered Nobody and Sorry Sorry. These covers became quite popular at that time. I especially liked the Sorry Sorry cover at that time. (Sorry I can’t post the videos because their channel has marked it private :()

But now they’ve come back and they even added a bass section to the band hurray!

There is a note on the video in youtube. It said:

“As the Royal Pirates mentioned earlier today on Facebook and Twitter, we wanted to share a small piece of what RP has been up to lately. After almost 7 months since their last public performance, we all have been working passionately in Korea for RP’s next step. Hope you guys enjoy this raw cover RP recently recorded for you all~ More exciting updates to come!”

Does this mean they will be debuting in Korea?? Omo! I can’t wait. There is always room for rock/alternative bands in Korea. I think rock is becoming more of a mainstream now in the Hallyu scene! Another hurray!!! I think it’s about time!

I can’t wait for them to debut! Good luck to you guys!!

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I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me – 2AM (with lyrics)

I’m liking this song a lot recently. I always thought I did not like ballads but I don’t know what it is about 2AM songs that make me really feel good even when it’s a sad song.

Before putting up the video of 2AM‘s I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me  너도 나처럼, I’m putting the prequel to understand the story of the video:



Music Video


I know they have released this video for some time already and they have in fact won an award on Music Bank, but I’ve been lagging on posting something. And I think now is the perfect time to post it. There is no doubt that 2AMs voices are still powerful as ever. I have to say though that Jinwoon’s voice has greatly improves (and I don’t mean in a biased manner). I think now he sings better compared to Confession of a Friend. I like how Jokwon’s high pitched voice has become stronger, not I have to say the chorus sounds stronger than before.  The songs on this album are noteworthy and very very nice.. it’s a good album.. so good that I want to buy the physical album!

For the music video, we usually get teasers for a music video, but for this I love that they did a prequel as well as interviewed women’s opinions of breaking up. I know I sound like a fan girl but I love how the maknae stars in the video! Aigoo, the maknae has grown a lot! The video was sad but it’s kinda creepy to watch Jinwoon moving, hugging the lifeless body! But its a Kpop video so they can do pretty much anything to get the message to the viewers.

I love this song so much, that I’m putting the lyrics! kk I just want to sing this song a lot..

I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me / Neodo Nacheoreom – Romanization

Haru jongil ni saenggakman hada ga
Han ga dak nunmuri, meotdaero jureureuk heureunda
Georeum georeum ni moseubi bal byeoseo
Ireul hada gado, nado moreuge tto heureunda

(ohh oh oh oh ohh) noraereul bulleo do
(ohh oh oh oh ohh) georireul georeo do
(ohh oh oh oh ohh) ontong ni saenggak ppun inde

Neodo, na cheoreom ireohke apeunji
Neodo, na cheoreom nunmul na neunji
Neodo, haru jongil ireohke
Chueoke saneunji, oh kkok na cheoreom

Eokjirado useul il cham manheunde
Taeyeob inhyeong cheoreom, ju eojin il cheoreom utneun da

(ohh oh oh oh ohh) tv reul boa do
(ohh oh oh oh ohh) chingureul ana do
(ohh oh oh oh ohh) ontong ni saenggak ppun inde

Neodo, na cheoreom ireohke apeunji
Neodo, na cheoreom nunmul na neunji
Neodo, haru jongil ireohke
Chueoke saneunji, oh kkok na cheoreom

Mae ireul useu nikka
Utneun moseub man boyeo ju nikka naega, haengbok han julman ana bwa
Eotteohke useo naega, eotteohke useo, niga eobt neunde
Useo do useo do, nunmuri tto heulleo

Neodo, na cheoreom ireohke apeunji
Neodo, na cheoreom nunmul na neunji
Neodo, haru jongil ireohke
Chueoke saneunji, oh kkok na cheoreom

 I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me (English Translation) 

As i think only of you all day
A single stream of tear flows on its own

Step by step, i see you
So even as i work, tears flow without me knowing

Even when i sing
Even when i walk the streets
I’m filled with thoughts of you

I wonder if you hurt like me
I wonder if you cry like me
I wonder if you live all day in memories like me

There are many things to laugh about forcibly
Like a wind-up doll, like it’s my job, i laugh

Even when i watch tv
Even when i meet my friends
I’m filled with thoughts of you

I wonder if you hurt like me
I wonder if you cry like me
I wonder if you live all day in memories like me

Because i smile every day
Because i show my smiles,
They think i am happy
But how can i smile, how can i smile without you
I smile and i smile but tears flow again

I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me 너도 나처럼 – Hangeul 

하루종일 니 생각만 하다가
한 가닥 눈물이 멋대로 주르륵 흐른다
걸음걸음 니 모습이 밟혀서

일을 하다가도 나도 모르게 또 흐른다

(우후후후후) 노래를 불러도

(우후후후후) 거리를 걸어도
(우후후후후) 온통 니 생각 뿐인데

너도 나처럼 이렇게 아픈지

너도 나처럼 눈물 나는지
너도 하루종일 이렇게 추억에 사는지 꼭 나처럼

억지라도 웃을 일 참 많은데

태엽 인형처럼 주어진 일처럼 웃는다

(우후후후후) TV를 보아도

(우후후후후) 친구를 만나도
(우후후후후) 온통 니 생각 뿐인데

너도 나처럼 이렇게 아픈지
너도 나처럼 눈물 나는지
너도 하루종일 이렇게 추억에 사는지 꼭 나처럼
매일을 웃으니까
웃는 모습만 보여주니까 내가 행복한 줄만 아나 봐

어떻게 웃어 내가 어떻게 웃어 니가 없는데
웃어도 웃어도 눈물이 또 흘러

너도 나처럼 이렇게 아픈지
너도 나처럼 눈물 나는지
너도 하루종일 이렇게 추억에 사는지 꼭 나처럼

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OMG OMG OMG!!!! Their back!

Scream!!!! Minwoo!! Junjin!! Eric!! Dongwan!! Andy!! Hyesung!!! SHINHWA!!!

Shinhwa‘s back with a new song called Venus!

Pardon all the exclamation marks on the top page.. but I can’t believe my excitement when I saw their video! Shinhwa’s back!! yay!!

For those who do not know who they are, they were an idol group long before DBSK, Super Junior, Beast, Big Bang were around. And they’ve been doing their stuff for more than 10 years now and they haven’t disbanded.. To date, they are the longest running Kpop group!

I didn’t really know about Shinhwa back then but I fell in love with them after watching Andy and Solbi on We Got Married. They were a guest and I got curious and I started to watch them on variety shows and listen to their older songs. I find thei songs good and upbeat and their antics on shows funny. And the rest is history. The only problem was, some of them went into military service, thus I haven’t seen some of them on shows as one whole band.

But now, their all done with military service! Yay! And they are back with a new album! Yay! I’m not kidding when I say I have been waiting for this come back! Now have them as guests on variety shows!! All of them!! please!

Anyway, thoughts on the video: My first reaction was like Minwoo!!! Junjin!!! I could not concentrate on the song, but was instead looking at each member. I had to play it again .. ha! Anyway, this song is not the same usual Shinhwa track, yes, it’s a dance track but they pretty much decided to take on the Western style of song. Do I like it? Yes of course. This proves that they’re talented and they can fit to the new style of idol Kpop songs. Though too much autotune.. I would prefer to hear their voices.The dance.. they can still strut their stuff! lol… They can still do their moves..  Minwoo.. Junjin.. you still are one of the best dancers to me!

Many new Kpop fans may not know them, but for someone who has been listening to Kpop for a long time will be happy with this comeback! I know I am! GO SHINHWA!!!!

**credits: SHINHWACOMPANY@yt


Best Friend (Chinese Version) – Jason Chen

I haven’t written in a long time! Studying makes you busy… and also I have been shying away from a lot of the Kpop songs (there are just too many new songs!). Well I still listen to them once in a while but I just had the itch of listening to other Asian songs.

One such song is one I am posting. It’s called Best Friend by Jason Chen.


Jason Chen is quite popular because of his covers. He sings not only English covers but as well as Chinese songs. This song, is originally done in English but it also has a Chinese version. If you ask me, I like the Chinese version better than the English one. I think the Chinese lyrics fit more into the song. This song also reminds me of the good old Mandopop I was so crazy about 3-4 years ago. It sounded very very pleasant to my ears.

I used to be a huge fan of Mandopop in the beginning and I kind of miss the Mandopop songs. But then I got caught up with the Kpop scene and I forgot about Chinese songs. Jason Chen’s Best Friend made me want to listen to Mandarin songs again! I just love it and currently a favorite of mine.

And here are the lyrics in Chinese Characters and in Pinyin:

Hai ji de wo shuo guo, wo yong yuan bu hui zou yuan,

Jiu zai shi san nian qian, yi tian

Na huo hua jiu zai wo men yan qian, que shi er bu jian

Jiu cha na me yi dian

Zhong yu fa xian ni jiu shi wo sheng ming

Dui ni de gan jue, cong lai dou

Bu ceng gai bian, na huo hua yi jing man yan

Na qing se de gan jue

Gan tan zhe wo de tian, duo me qi miao de gan jue

Hao xiang wen zhe ni de zhi jian, zui bian, jiu zai wo de meng li mian

Xiang shi xiang xie li de hua mian

Er zhe zhong shi kong de gan jue

我愛上了我的 best friend
Wo ai shang le wo de best friend

你笑著說it’s alright,但淚水勉強掩蓋
Ni xiao zhe shuo it’s alright, dan lei shui mian qiang yan gai

Ni ai guo de na xie nan hai

Wo nu li bu rang ni cha jue

Wo dui ni de ai cause

Ni yi you ta pei ban

Zhong yu fa xian ni jiu shi wo de sheng ming

Wo wei yi de ai, cong lai mei

You shui neng dai ti, huo hua yi shao cheng huo hai

Chu le ni wo shui dou bu ai

Qi dao zhe mei yi tian, wo neng pei zai ni shen bian

Wen rou wen zhe ni de zui bian, chun jian, wo de meng kuai yao shi xian

Tian mi ju qing wo lai dao yan

Ni zhen de shi wo de yi qie

我愛上了我的best friend
Wo ai shang le wo de best friend

Xi wang ni neng jie shou, wo zui ai de bao bei

Quan bu de ai dou gei ni

Mei you ren neng xiang wo, wo bu yao qiu shen me

Zhi yao ni zai wo shen bian

Hao hai pa shi qu wo men, gong tong gan jue

Na pa hai shi peng you de jie xian

Wo wu shi wu ke de qi dai

Pan wang, mou tian

你愛上我這個best friend
Ni ai shang wo zhe ge best friend

Want to know the lyrics in English? This is the English version..

So which one’s better??

**credits: + miniachilles@yt


Southern Island (Live) – Hajji and TJ with Alex

Ok so I am obsessing over Alex Chu at the moment. This would not have happened if I had not seen his cooking show.

Anyway.. since yesterday I have been watching the videos of not only him but as well as the other members of Clazziquai. But I was happy to see this video!! So happy..

It’s the live performance of Hajji and TJ (하찌와TJ) with Alex for the song 남쪽 끝섬 (Namjjok KKeutseom/Southern Island).

I love love love love love this song to the nth level since I heard it on We Got Married. I want to hear it again and again even though I’ve heard it a number of times before. If you’ve watched the show you will most likely remember Alex singing the part “ppoppohago shipseo (I want to kiss you)” to Shinae. Waa I miss watching the first season of WGM!

Anyway.. I changed the way I romanized the name of the band. I used to romanized it like Hachi, but the hangeul character is not the equivalent of ch. If you are interested in the lyrics, you can visit my old post for the song.. Southern Island.

However, up to now, I still don’t have the translation in English. If anyone of you knows where to find it or could do a translation, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

**credits: TinkerRuda@yt