The Boys – So Nyeo Shi Dae (Korean and English versions)

For all the SONES, I know they have been waiting quite sometime for their idols to make a come back.. And they just did with their new song The Boys.. and it’s released in both English and Korean versions!

Korean Version

English Version 

Hmmm… I can’t say that I like the song so much. Though it’s a pretty good track and definitely different from what they have done in the past, I think this sounded like a cheerleading song. Yes the verses sounded really good but I’m not digging the chorus too much. It’s like me singing “I said burn it’s cold in here it must be Toros in the atmosphere”.. oops Bring it on nostalgia..  But I do say I like the way they say bring the boys out!

But hooray for their effort of making the English version of this song, that means their spreading their wings and trying a new market. The English version of the song, their English that is, is understandable, except maybe for a few awkward words, but you can make out what they were singing!

As for the video, well the first part, the song they used is just like a recycle of the Keep Your Head Down intro, except for minor changes. I mean it’s not the girls fault, but the record company could have done something special for them. It did suit their concept of the video, but its been used before, and it hasn’t been a year since that tune was used, so why use it again??

But but but.. I love their concept for this song. It’s definitely a bolder and sexier Girl’s Generation. I mean we’ve seen them sexy before, but this concept gives off a very strong aura of the girls. I love their outfits. It had a theme but it’s outfit was had its own identity. I love their new dance, it’s not cutesy at all. I’m glad they realize that they should reinvent themselves and give a stronger image.. It’s new but absolutely perfect for the girls who are no longer in their teens. Oh and the best transformation goes to Sunny! She’s shed off that cute image! I love the way they did her hair! It’s short! Yehey!! And boy does she look good. I had to do a double take just to make sure it was her. Kudos to her for being so brave in her new do!

But I’m hoping this release would be a good one for them! Though I think they would not have any problem with all the Sones from all over the worls supporting them!!!

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Dui Bu Qi 對不起我的中文不好 – Transition 前進樂團

A friend of mine shared this to me.

It’s a song from an English indie rock group called Transition called Dui Bu Qi.

From the english translation of the song, its talking about someone saying sorry because his Chinese is not good. This is a fun song and I am sure a lot can relate to this especially when you are trying to learn another language. I know I can (though the language I am learning is not Chinese, but it gives you the same feeling nonetheless).

A friend of mine actually shared this to me. When I first saw it I was laughing because that’s what I feel nowadays! So I wanted to share it. Its a very simple song with a simple melody and very easy to sing a long to! It hits the spot. According to their wiki profile, the guys have a large fan base in Asia and they like Taiwan. Maybe they may have had that experience while staying in Taiwan.

This is a fun fun fun song!

**credits: transitionofficial@yt


Still In Love With You 依然愛你 – Wang Lee Hom 王力宏

OMG! Wang Lee Hom + Wong Fu Productions!! Can it get any better than this?

I know it has been about a week  since the video has been released but I still can’t get over it!

This is the video of Still In Love With You by Wang Lee Hom.

I have been a certified Wong Fu Production addict since I was in college (and let’s just say that about a few years back). I mean ever since I saw them doing the I’m Yours video for their friend’s wedding I’ve been hooked and I’ve never stopped watching their videos, even if its just a Vlog. There is just something about Wes, Phil and Ted! I sometimes wish I live in the States to see ISA! sigh… but anyway, their youtube videos always make me feel happy and sometimes sad.

Now Wang Lee Hom on the other hand is not only.. ahem.. handsome but he is such a talented person! I mean is there anything this man can’t do! He sings (oh yes he has a very nice voice and he is very popular in Taiwan and to those who listen to Mandopop).. He acts (Lust Caution and Little Big Soldier).. He plays musical instruments (violin, guitar, drums).. He even conducted an orchestra one time (believe me! they even documented that on CNN).. I can describe him in two words.. amazingly talented!

Now if you put them together you get an amazing MV. This is probably one of the best Mandopop MVs that I have seen. The concept is simple but the execution was fresh and its something you have never seen done. I love how they used the electronic calendar and the montages of the pictures on the calendar — telling the story of finding love then losing it and then finding it again. This is what I love about Wong Fu the most because they can make something so simple be something so extraordinary. And to think they only had limited time (very limited, I think it was one day or two days) to shoot it! Oh how adore thy talent!

I actually kind of miss Wang Lee Hom making this kind of music, so I am very very happy about this song. And of course his voice is so good.. again what can this guy not do (sorry I put too much emphasis as if he were a god or something, but give him a break the guy’s too talented)!! And did I mention how handsome he is? wahaha ok I have to stop being a fan girl. Though the song sounds a bit like a faster version of Tong Hua. Does anybody feel that way

I am just sooo elated about this collaboration! Kudos to Wong Fu Productions and Wang Lee Hom!

*credits: WongFuProductions@yt


Cry Cry Cry – Palmy (MV and lyrics)

I found another Thai song that I really like. I heard it first on the radio while driving with my cousin. And I can’t seem to get over this song! It’s Cry Cry Cry by Palmy.

I am being told that Palmy is probably one of the best and most successful singers in Thailand. And after hearing this song and listening to her other songs, I have to say her music is good! Good for me at least. I’m a certified fan now. Though I’m still a bit frustrated because I don’t know the meaning of the song… (edit: i do know the meaning of the song now!!! see below.. many thanks to deungdutjai@wordpress for the translations and romanizing it!!)

Anyhow, the reason why I fell in love with this song was because it sounded soooo good! I mean I think its a sad song as the tune denotes (as well as the video), but I’m a sucker for songs like this. The song sounded like a European track, I couldn’t even tell at first that it was Thai. But when I listned carefully it was in Thai. It’s a refreshing track from all the pop ones I am listening to most of the time. I’m developing a likeness to Thai pop music!

I think it would be nice to see it as the next big thing to Kpop and Jpop 🙂

edit: this is the lyrics of the song with its romanization and english translation:

Cry Cry Cry – Palmy

มองฟ้า เมฆครึ้มสีหม่น
Maung fah mek kreum see mon
Looking at the sky, it’s cloudy and a melancholy color
รักที่ร่วงหล่น กับฝนที่ประปราย
Ruk tee ruam lon gup fon tee pra prai
Love that falls with the sprinkling rain
คิดถึงวันเก่า สองเราเปียกปอน
Kit tueng wun gao saung rao piak paun
I miss the old days, the two of us soaked
Tahm glahng sai fon proy aun
In the middle of a late rainshower
Lae tur gup chun sumput gun
And you and I touching

Chuang welah tee meuan koey yoo nai fun
The times are as usual in the rain
Jaung maung doo sai fon prum leua yoo
Staring at the drizzling streaks left
กับวันที่สายไป นั่งมองดูฟ้าคิดถึงเธอ
Gup wunt ee sai pai nung maung doo fah kit teung tur
On a day too late, sitting looking at the sky and missing you

(*) ฉันก็จะเอาแต่ CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY
Chun gor ao dtae cry cry cry cry cry cry
I only want to cry cry cry, cry cry cry
ในวันที่ฝนโปรย เหม่อมองดูฟ้าร้องไห้
Nai wun tee fon proy mur maung doo fah raung hai
On a rainy day, absently watching the sky cry
ฉันก็จะเอาแต่ CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY
Chun gor ao dtae cry cry cry cry cry cry
I only want to cry cry cry, cry cry cry
Nai wun tee fon prum keu wun tee chun mai mee tur eek dtor pai
On a rainy day, it’s the day that I won’t have you anymore

Dtae welah gor moon won yoo yahng nun
But the time passes on like that
Lae jai chun ngao leua gern took krao
And my heart is so lonely every moment
ที่มองดูฝนพรำ ยิ่งทำให้ฉันคิดถึงเธอ
Tee maung doo fon prum ying tum hai chun kit tueng tur
When watching the rain fall makes me miss you more

(remember romanizations and translations are not mine, please credit deungdutjai@wordpress / htttp:// when copying.. thanks!)

**credits: gmmgrammyofficial@yt + deungdutjai@wordpress



Random CNU (B1A4) Pictures…

I’m really digging this kid right now!! Kk I know I know.. so sue me if I am hi noona! kk

When B1A4 first debuted as a group, I immediately found my bias with CNU.. I don’t know why but I definitely think its the glasses that got me! To me he looks different from all the other boys in the Kpop industry now because he has a distinct look with his glasses. I’m not sure if it’s just a concept like 2AM’s Changmin in Confession of a Friend. Anyway, this kid looks good with glasses to the point that I couldn’t imagine him without it!

I decided to make this post because I have notices a lot of people have been frequenting my blog because of B1A4.. So I selected one of them (but I wanted to do Baro too.. just that I like CNU more..) and thn decided to look up some photos.. just to share a bit.. and here they are.. hope you like it! Oh how can this boy be too cute to handle! kk 🙂


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