Run Devil Run… SNSD vs. Kesha

I don’t know why but I am getting addicted to the Run Devil Run song of SNSD these days. Probably because of the catchy music and the part where it say “manner opsseo”.. During the first week that this song became popular, I heard the same single from Kesha.. If you don’t know who Kesha is, she is the girl who sang the Tik Toc (the song that has the lyrics that goes brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack.. couldn’t imagine myself doing that! yuck!!).

Anyway I am posting the two versions of Run Devil Run.. which one do you like best?

SNSD Version

Kesha Version

I am not a super duper SNSD fan.. I don’t go crazy with them but their songs are really catchy. But I like their version better than Kesha’s. However this is not my favorite SNSD song.. it will have to be Gee! then Kissing you!

Oh well not much to say.. but whose version do you think is better?

*credits sment and TheAngelCakeBabe@youtube


39 comments on “Run Devil Run… SNSD vs. Kesha


  2. hey dont be so harsh i know the SNSD is better but “im gonna steal your car” thats because shes planning to do bad things to him as a revenge 4 breaking her heart…”now that your living with the vampires” means that hes gone bad.. it is not to be taken literally.. its a figure of speach..!! please think be4 posting use ur brain dumbass…i hate people who rip on artist.. specially when they dont think be4 stating something!!

    • the point is DO YOU THINK FIRST BEFORE STATING SOMETHING? too…? it’s not RIP OFF business.. it’s like a DEMO TAPE ARTIST singing the demo, the owner of the song sell it and a record company bought it and copyrighted it as their own.. if u said RIPPING OFF a song frm a demo tape artist is a bad thing, i say u so damn stupid..

  3. even if you think snsd version is better, but Kesha first sing this song, it means snsd plagiarized other people’s work

    • actually they did not plagiarize it…
      plagiarism is when you use materials done by others but you didn’t give them any payment (they call it royalties)
      but snsd bought the rights to this song thus they may use it…
      if they plagiarized it, they would have not sung this song anymore…

  4. i cant believe this. Girls Generation riped off ke$ha. I agree that ke$ha’s songs are not to be taken literally as they are presented, but I have to say: once an artist has created a song line, then the buying artist or group would have to disgrace the lyric or stanza from the song. Back to taking things literally, ‘living with the vampires’ means that her ex boyfriend has jacked himself up. PEOPLE just get your facts straight. Go to law school if you have to!

    • Girl’s Generation did not rip off the song from Kesha or anyone else.. She actually did a demo and decided not to sing the song, the writer of the song then took it to SNSD and they made it famous. It is you who should do more research.

  5. kesha only sing this song as guide song…the composer let kesha sing d guide song…sm buy it n it become snsd song..both are good but snsd better coz it come with dance which is combo package…

  6. you know someone has a point to see, it is just a song. like Disney, others Disney stars sing other songs from other singers. Glee sings songs from other people. SNSD did the Korean version of the song and Kesha’s did the english version of the song, so there. Point there, both did different versions of the song. They do that with a lot of songs know a days people. So most of us might think it belongs to SNSD but you never really know the truth. People on the internet make shit up all the time. so there, it might belong to both of them somehow but we don’t know how.

    • i agree with you!! ^_^
      we have our own preferences but that doesn’t mean we need to over emphasize those preferences..

  7. I’m with Girl’s Generation! I researched and it said that Girl’s Generation made the song before Ke$ha. I bet she had translators to copy the song or something.

  8. kesha WTF ARE YOU THINKING!!!???? snsd if forever i know for a fact that snsd made this song and kesha just re-thought the words!!…. GET YOUR OWN BEAT KE$HA AND STOP STEALING SNSD’S

    • No Kesha’s version is not better. Girl’s Generation sing more beautifully, where as Kesha sounds sloppy sometimes. Her voice and singing is great when it’s other songs. In this case, I’m happy she didn’t choose to keep the song!

    • i guess u r a bitch too! hahaha.. at least SNSD a.k.a Girls’ Generation nvr bn A DEMO TAPE ARTIST b4 they debuted! unlike kesha, they sing better! SNSD dn’t need 2 b featured in somebody else’s song 2 b popular too… one more thing, SNSD is now A WORLDWIDE GIRL GROUP, it is impossible if u nvr heard of them 4 at least once? (well at least u’re ‘selling’ on d street 24/7). they worldwide now! they r d leaders in bringing KPOP music 2 d world. i suggest you 2 listen 2 this song THE BOYS (u can choose d ENGLISH VERS. or KOREAN VERS.) which made, CREATED n PRODUCED by TEDDY RILEY (work several times with legend Michael Jackson).. LOL

  9. u guys need to look for it….. from what i read in the internet, kesha sang the rundevilrun (the original is english, it was translated in korean language) as a GUIDE, she sang it for her friend, who was a composer….the composers wanted to know how it will sound like….then, they put the song rights on sale,… and sm bought it, translate it to their language, then it became snsd’s song…. honestly, its neither of theirs cuz the original one was written by a famous song writer (paul mc-something)….

  10. Am i the only one who likes Kesha’s version better? LOLS idk. i like the metaphors and figure of speech. :3

  11. TING TONG!!! actually KESHA is recording her ‘run devil run’ as a DEMO tape only (when she used to be a demo artist back in the days).. This song has been officially released and used by SNSD. The issue of PLAGIARIZING is not exist at all! So, if by any chance Kesha sang it first, is because she’s doing….? DEMO TAPE. SNSD sang because it’s officially theirs!

  12. Both are okay but I like SNSD voice better. I mean there is like 9 different voice in one song. Also there voice sounds more cooler. Kesha’s version is alright but I don’t like her voice and lyrics. SNSD lyrics make sense more. Even though they might have the same meaning.

  13. hey think about this Jessica (girl with the blond hair with brown streaks) and her sister, Krystal (member of f(x) ) sang tick tock by kesha MANY times……so they are even

  14. Run Devil Run is NOT kesha’s song.

    The producers who made it allowed kesha to sing it to see what it sounded like as a “guide” song, but kesha didnt buy it, and they didnt like how it sounded for kesha’s voice

    The original producers sold it to Sm Entertainment for SNSD to sing. It’s legally SNSD’s song. Kesha’s version got leaked

  15. Kesha did a demo for it but apparantly it wasn’t considered to be a hit in the US, so she gave it to SNSD.

    Personally, I like Kesha’s version better because her lyrics actually fit the meaning behind the song. But SNSD made a catchy version of it.

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