F4 five years later…

It’s never too late to post something on my blog.

These videos have been uploaded around 2 days ago.. and probably some of you have seen it.. but then it’s never too late to post something ๐Ÿ˜›

What I’m posting is the Mnet Music Drama of what happened to F4 five years later..ย  How I miss these guys! Last Tuesday, the first 2 parts of the F4 stories were released. The stories are that of Woo Bin and Yi Jung. From the note in the video, the other 2 stories will be release next week – the stories of Goo Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo.. so mark your calendars! ahahaha..

Yi Jung Story

I super love the Seoul-mates couple!!! One of the reasons why I watch Boys before flower is because of them. I mean I love Jun Pyo and Jandi couple, but I know their story by heart — but this drama did a twist with the Yuuki and Sojiro story — having a happy ending for the couple (i’d like to think th ended up together), at least this time Sojiro did not run from Yuuki… ahaha watch the HYD movie to know what I’m talking about (it was hilarious to see that see). I loved it when Yi Jung asks: Will you be my flower forever?.. Too bad though no Gaeul in the video (only flashbacks).

Woo Bins Story

I’m not sure what his story was about.. coz I was confuse when I saw a break-up of some sort. But from what I deduce.. in the end Woo Bin is happy to have his friends and to be with them. And both Yi Jung and Jun Pyo surprised him with a cake at the end of the clip..

btw.. i don’t see hyun joong here… it’s only kim joon, kim bum and lee min ho… hmm.. may be next week.. I can’t wait! ^^

**credits to kittyhanz and hoonfami@youtube


Haptic Mission OST (digital single)

Remember I posted the Anycall Haptic Mission 2 days ago. So I was looking for some videos to post when I found this video posted by SMarie7. The video actually had the cuts of the Haptic Mission where in Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and Son Dambi go on a “mission” of working for Samsung. But if you notice this CF/MV, there is a song on the background. The song in the background is the Haptic Mission OST (ํ–…ํ‹ฑ๋ฏธ์…˜) which was released sometime in April (probably the time when the first CF was released). The song was done by Son Dambi, Kim Joon and of course Kim Hyun Joong! weee ^^

I’m sharing the video.. I miss these guys.. and Dambi looks really pretty ๐Ÿ˜€

Also I found the Haptic Mission CF Long versions

Version 1: part 1part 2… and part 3

Version 2: part 1part2… and part 3

Since I don’t speak Korean I don’t understand what they were talking about… But it was fun to watch their first meeting… awkward!!! ahahaha you will be seeing some of the ss501 guys too.. I think they are trying to help Hyun Joong practice for the office interview. Dambi also does some practicing with 2 other girls.. it was really fun watching it..

But I wish someone would sub this… pretty please! ๐Ÿ˜€

**credits to ย SMarie7 and hoonfami@youtube for the videos


Sungmin and Yesung @ Sukira 090429

Sungmin and Yesung were guest during today’s broadcast of Sukira. There were some cuts of their performance that was posted on youtube and I decided to put it up on my blog (well because both of them were guests ^^)

Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Sungmin and Yesung Singing

The four of them were singing a song called Butterfly Graveyard originally done by Take. All four of them were singing. Yay! Was especially glad about this because we only usually hear Hyukkie do the rap parts for their songs (though he raps very well!).

Sungmin and Yesung sing Jigeum Mannaro Gayo

I posted this song a while back. This is the duet done by both Sungmin and Yesung and they performed it live during their guesting. The song was composed by Leeteuk and Sungmin. I love how their voice blends.

Yesung singing Snail ๋‹ฌํŒฝ์ด

It’s no doubt that this guy has one of the best voices in Super Junior. I love the husky voice! ahahaha. He sings Snail ๋‹ฌํŒฝ์ด originally by ํŒจ๋‹‰. From the comments that were posted, it says that he gives out a greeting to his pet at the last part of his performance (sorry I don’t speak Korean). Yesung really reminds me of Lee Jun Ki… ahahaha

Sungmin and his Guitar

I don’t speak any Korean so I don’t know what they were talking about. But what I do know is that Sungmin is showing his guitar talents! If Ryeowook is the master of the piano among the Suju members, Sungmin is the master of the guitar. Remember him playing Just When I Needed You Most??? This time he starts of displaying his talents by playing Just the Two of Us (he also sings a couple of lines). Then Teukie starts singing too! Just the two of us we can make it if we try… ahahaha… Sungmin then plays a Korean song (I don’t know what the song was) and then ends it by performing Falling Slowly (the same song Hyun Joong played for Hwangbo in WGM – posted it here). I love that song!!! I love how Sungminnie sang the song!(ok I’ll stop the praises now.. ahaha)

** credits SJ3jib@youtube for the videos


Random Kim Bum pictures 2

I noticed that a lot have been reading the Random Kim Bum pictures article that I posted awhile back. So to show my thanks I’m posting another batch of his pictures, this time from a photoshoot he did for clothing brands (one was for Spris). He looks really handsome in the pictures! So enjoy!













** credits icaheechul and francesca@asianfanatics for the pictures

oh and by the way.. in the post i made about super junior kim KIBUM… kim bum is joining him there… ๐Ÿ˜€ so better watch out for that!

if you liked the photos click here to download


Anycall Haptic Mission

This was I think shown last week.. but as I was a bit busy last week, I wasn’t able to watch this.

The video I’m posting is Anycall Haptic Mission which featured F3 (sorry girls no Min Ho..) and Son Dambi. According to the note sparkskey@youtube (thank you thank you for uploading!) Kim Hyunjoong, Kim Bum, Kim Jun and Son Dam Bi go through interviews to be an office worker at anycall. The struggle to be the last one standing.

There are 2 videos for the mission..

Haptic Mission Teaser 1

Haptic Mission Teaser 2

The second teaser is their first day at work…

Don’t we miss these handsome guys??? ๐Ÿ˜€

**credits sparkskey@youtube