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One of the korean dramas that I am (or was) crazy about was Goong (a.k.a Princess Hours in some areas known as The Palace). It was shown in the Philippines about 2 years ago. Of course this drama (like all other Asian dramas shown on TV) was dubbed in Filipino. I clearly remembered wanting to go home early from work to catch up on the next episode (it was shown on daily, 30 minutes on primetime with commercial breaks in the local television network). And everytime I missed an episode, I would log on to crunchyroll to watch the episodes that I missed (at that time it was still available on the site).


The story of the drama is based on the mahwa by Park So Hee.


Goong is a story about young love in face of tradition, politics, and intrigue. In the imaginary world, modern-day Korea is a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in a grand Palace, the Goong. Story opens with the sudden death of the reigning the King. Faced with the decreasing popularity among the public for the Royalty, a grand wedding for the Crown Prince, Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon), is decided to be the best publicity move to improve the image of the Royalty and at the same time prepare Shin for immediate succession. The intended bride? The headstrong, awkward, and sweet spirited Shin Chae-kyung (Yoon Eun Hye) that just happens to go to the same exclusive art school. Chae-kyung was betrothed to become the next Crown Princess by her grandfather and Shin’s grandfather.

After 14 years of living in England with his mom, Lee Yul (Kim Jeong Hoon) appears all of a sudden. He is Shin’s cousin as well as the former Crown Prince. Everything seemed to be going normally until Chae-kyung’s optimistic spirit wins the heart of internally lonely, Yul. As the Crown Prince Shin and simple-minded Chae-kyung’s relationship appear to developing deeper feelings, a series of scandals are exposed to the public right after the pair were officially announced married. Will love prevail all in a world of political pressures and martial hardships? Or will being in the spotlight of the public be too much for the young newlyweds to endure? (

The drama starred Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince, Vineyard Man) as the princess, Shin Chae-kyung and Joo Ji Hoon (The Devil, Antique Bakery) the crown prince Lee Shin. This was the first drama for both of them. This drama also starred  Kim Jeong Hoon (Witch Yoo Hee, and formerly from the group UN) who played the crown prince’s cousin and rival Lee Yul and Song Ji Hyoo (Sex is Zero 2) who played the ballerina and Shin’s ex-girlfriend Min Hyo-rin.

The reason why I liked this drama is because of its light hearted story. The story is fictional as kings and queens are no longer ruling Korea. It had the right amount of drama and the right amount of “kilig” moments. Also I loved the soundtrack of this drama as their songs really fit the story (though I had to google the meaning of the song :D). The song Perhaps Love, is probably my favorite Korean song — i love the melody and its lyrics. I also liked the way they ended the episodes, teddy bears depicting the scenes of the episodes. Seeing those teddy bears makes me want to go to the teddy bear museum which (surprise surprise) is in Korea. Until now, I am still watching the my goong videos and I never get bored of them

It is a little difficult to find streaming videos of Goong online as this drama is a licensed one. So you could either buy the original DVD (which is sold online) or you may go to this site.

Since I have uploaded the song Perhaps Love, I will be uploading all the others later..

This drama is a must see, especially if you’re a beginner with the Asian addiction.


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  1. emmm….

    princess hours baguss banget..

    mpe nonton 3x lebiihh..

    jo ji hoon n yoon eun hye mankk cocok bangett…

  2. i love goong. i’m just thankful that i only saw it now, cuz i can’t watch any other kdramas anymore. if i saw it back then, i wouldn’t have been able to see the other good ones that i’ve seen so far. i keep comparing it to those other in same genre, and goong is #1 for me. now, i’m even dreaming about YEH and JJH together, and i have to get a daily dose of my goong. i just finished watching the special for the nth time. i’ addicted to goong. no lie!

  3. i never get tired of watching goong even if this was shown a long time ago! but i think you should see other dramas too! though goong is nice, a lot of korean dramas have evolved through the years

  4. nah, i don’t know about your so-called evolution. BBF took some stuff from Goong (goong was made b4 BBF). so did CP and LTM, as well as the most recent RP and LR. dont even mention K2H, i can’t even get past the first ep of that one. the formula is a cold rich guy falls in love with a regular gal who is full of personality. i was watching queen inhyun’s man, but now i can’t get back into it after seeing goong. i also tried to watch the vineyard man with YEH in it. also quit after ep 2. i am contented with my daily dose of goong esp. ep 23. if YEH and JJH do a drama together again, i’d watch that one, but for now, only kim myung min or ji sung will make me watch again. oh, and lee jung jin and maybe kim soo hyun. so, back to reading books – david baldacci came out with 3 books while i was busy catching up on kdrama…………

    • i don’t mean evolution with the story, in kpop dramaland it will always be a rich guy falls in love with a regular girl. that’s their theme for as long as i can remember. but what’s good about dramas now is that they changing their plots and looking for other stories to tell. their editing and their humor has changed too and writers have become funnier and are getting better. though goong is my favorite, i didn’t like that they dragged it to 24 episodes. if you want to check out kdramas i suggest not watching ones like BFF because the story is very common and we know how it will end! i still don’t understand why people were so fascinated by it. 🙂 btw, are u from the philippines?

  5. this is my 5th attempt now at writing this reply. it just keeps disappearing on me. i’m originally fr the Philippines, but living most of my life in the US now. what gave it away? is it my name or my english? (the latter part is just a dig on cl of 2ne1, who thinks that Filipinos’ english is weird and laughable. as if she can speak english well! i mean, c’mon, she should talk!…and she said it on korean national tv, on kbs’ win! win! program, which left the host, as well as dara, smiling, but speechless). so enought of the rant (i can do it, too, you know), anyway, do you have any recommendation for any new good kdrama i can watch without being left disappointed? as i’ve said, i’ve just been watching goong now, over and over and over……well you get it, right?

    • wordpress is weird at times! what gave it away is your comment about CL because i had those thoughts too! actually i am from the philippines too and i get so antsy when someone makes a comment about our english! some of us do have an accent but we can communicate better! kk but whatever.. i can relate about goong! i still watch it today 😀 a lot of people like coffee prince but i’m not keen on that… another drama i watch again and again is my name is kim sam soon… if you want a new drama check queen in hyun’s man… it ended two weeks ago but im still not over it. caution though, the first 3 episodes are just so so.. but afterwards you’ll never stop… if u like jisung, i liked him soo much in the drama protect the boss!! he was hilarious there!! brilliant legacy was nice too but a little too long and had a lot of drama.

      • oh, with cl, it wasn’t even the accent. the example that she gave was “sandara?” i mean what’s so weird about that? the person who said it was obviously trying to make sure it was her out of amazement. i guess they just can’t believe their luck. cl should just shut her mouth so she doesn’t reveal hoe ignorant she is. will someone tell her that the Philippines is the 3rd largest english speaking country in the whole world, next only to the USA and UK? anywho, i thought i mentioned that i was watching QIM and didn’t even bother going back to finish it after i saw Goong. it was like my senses opened up with Goong (or did it close? lol) and every other drama just seemed so dull in comparison my sister liked kim san soon a while back, but i have resisted watching it, i don’t know why. i thought i saw a couple of eps while i was on vacation in the Phil. a while back, and although i thought it was interesting, i didn’t like the female lead. she was a pastry chef, right? PTB! yaaa! i loved it! JS was so hilarious in it. i cracked up so much while watching it. i’ve only seen him in serious dramas before, so PTB was a nice change. i remember questioning mysoju’s ratings bec. of it. i looove JS and love PTB, but it didn’t affect me the way Goong did. i didn’t even re-watch it, even though it gets 5 stars fr me. i’ve also seen BL. i watched it through to the end (this was pre-Goong), but i prefer the other guy for her, not the jerk she ended up with (sorry lee seugeun, i love u in 2 days 1 night, though). i’ll see if i can watch Soldier, diff genre.

        • QIM was a bit boring at first, but compared to Goong — well there is no drama i liked as much as I did Goong.. I saw it when I was in college back in the Philippines. PTB was the best Ji Sung drama I’ve seen! I did not watch it for the story but for Ji Sung. I’ve never seen him in a role like that! I went crazy everytime I watched him doing his scenes! Actually for PTB, story wise, it was just an ordinary one, you would have guessed what would happen next. I think the best thing about it was Ji Sung and Choi Kanghee. For BL, it was Lee Seunggi not Suguen.. kk Suguen is the short man in 2days 1 night. For that drama I liked how effective the villain (the stepmother) was! It’s one of the best..

  6. lol at lee seung gi. i realized my mistake afterwards, i always interchange their names even when i was watching 2D1N. btw, is the show still on? we lost our KBS channel here and kang hodong left so idrk. i love JS in Swallow the Sun (idt Song yoo ri was needed in it) and Save the Last Dance, as well as Kim So Roo and Royal Family, which reminds me that i saw JS sing Goose’s Dream wi/ that short guy Bum soo (?). he’s good! i haven’t seen All In, yet, it’s supposed to be good. maybe after i get over my Goong obssession……..

    • lol 🙂 2N1D is still airing but it’s the second season so no lee seunggi and eun jiwon. but suguen, jongmin and uhm taewoong are still there, this time with joowon (from bridal mask/ojakgyo bros), cha taehyun (the guy from sassy girl), sung shikyung (the ballad singer) and kim seung woo (that guy from Win Win). some links are on the internet, or you can download the KBS app for android and the appstore 🙂
      he did sing it.. and he sang another song in PTB, he sang I Choose to Love You there.. get over Goong? I don’t think that will happen lol.. i still have mine after 6 years!!!

      • do you happen to have that kbs address? i went to kbs world, but i didn’t see it there. i’d really appreciate the help. thanks……

        • hmm.. there is no live streaming on the kbs world site.. you can do that on the kbs website (the korean one).. but i think you need to sign in (before they asked for a Korean id number, not sure now.. buts all in korean so it’s difficult!). the best option would be to dl the kbs world application on your smart phone (android and iphone/ipad/ipod). this is what i use 🙂

          • hey! i’m back.. just look for the kbs world application (type kbs world) on google play (for android) or from the app store… it’s free and no registration required, as long as u have internet you can stream live for free

  7. thnx 4 the update on 2D1N and JS. i’m depressed abt that Goong comment. i cannot live like this. i don’t like myself like this. everyone around me says i’m done for, crzy, addict, etc., and the thing is i admit i’m all of those. i live and breathe Goong now. which brings me to ask you a favor. you said that you learned korean, and i assume you’re now working in korea, is that true? i saw this video on youtube titled “iloveu.” JH says something at the end while touching his heart, no subs unfortunately 4 me. have you seen it? do you know what he said? he said something like “hye kamsa_____________ mida______”

    • you’ll eventually move on but you won’t forget goong! i didn’t really study korean, just my students before were korean so as a past time i studied it on my on, it’s an easy language for me. btw, i’m teaching in Thailand now, kk.. but maybe i can listen to it, maybe i understand, if not i’ll ask some of my friends.. can you give me the link? i can’t find the video 🙂

  8. it’s not exactly this one, but it’s from the same interiew and the part i’m referring to starts at about 2:00. here’s the link-
    this gies you a context. they keep talking about a scandal and yoon eun hye. after he said it, the interiewer said something like an english equialent of “aaah, so sweet.” i may be wrong. i’m really curious. thnx chipskjaa.

    • i’m not really sure about what he said something like “you’re here in my heart” (he only said your here, but he was pointing to his chest, so i think it means heart) and at the end the reported said “wow, you’re so cool! / that’s so cool!” — i hope i got it correctly 🙂

    • I saw this video too and I keep hearing the reporters mentioning YEH’s name. It does seem like he is saying, “I’ll always have you in my heart.” I think I heard someone else say that JJH said this as a translation. It might have been on that Soompi thread for Goong. Have you been on that thread? It took me days and days to read the whole thread. There are over 2,000 pages. When Goong first came out, people went on this thread to download the episodes and give their feedback and translations of the episodes. It was very funny to read. There were a few people who were not very nice, but for the most part, everyone was either a CK/Shin shipper or a CK/Yul shipper. They put up lots of CAPs from the episodes and some people talked about the korean netizens and newspapers they found on the internet and asked others to translate what was happening with Goong. It was funny reading peoples comments on how they couldn’t wait for the next episode or they wanted a translation of a scene because none of the episodes were subtitled as yet.
      Anyways, going back to JJH/YEH, I think this is where I heard someone comment that JJH said, “YEH will always be in my heart.” AHHHhhhhh!
      I was wondering, esigh and chipskjaa…what is the time difference between where I live and where you live. It seems that we are always missing each other’s comments by a couple of hours. If you have a facebook account, maybe we can talk with each other more one on one through there, but I would need to know when you would be online.
      If you can’t do it…I understand. It just would be more fun to be able to talk without having to wait till the next day.

      • if you live in cali.. i think thats about 14 hours.. i’m ahead 14 hours.. so when it’s night time here, it’s daytime there 🙂

      • it’s three hours time diff. for us, but i’m almost always tied up with something and i don’t get to my laptop until about 3 am here or 12 midnight, your time. so you could be already sleeping. on some days i do it in the am soon as i wake up, but after i watch goong, like today.

  9. thank you so much! so, was the message for YEH? i’m asking cuz i didn’t know what the reporter asked. why did he say that? did your students help you with the translation? i have a theory that they’re still together. i was so depressed when i read somewhere that ji hyo was his girlfriend after goong, but i’ve seen pictures that prove otherwise. these pix were not photoshoots for ads. they were stolen shots. also, i just found out that in 2009, about a week after JJH was charged, YEH was at a fan meet in japan crying while singing Perhaps Love and, as if they understood, the fans sang with her cuz she can barely sing while crying. JJH was also supposed to be in japan for his own fan meet, but because of his problem, he was not able to go. there was talk of refunding the ticket price, but YEH did the meet for him. so now, i’m very hopeful that they will continue their love affair w/ JJH being out fr the service. i think when i hear the big announcement, i can really move forward.

    • you’re welcome! actually i understood what he said but the question though, i’m not so sure ^_^ sorry..
      about YEH and JJH, i’m not really sure if they are or were dating. i mean i liked the thought of them dating, but at the time goong was popular, YEH was rumored to be the girlfriend of Kim Jong Kook. Even until now, this scandal is still very popular and none of them really denied or confirmed it.

  10. i found the original video i first saw here’s the link if you want to see. it’s at the end of the video:

  11. i’m sorry about the embed. i don’t know what happened. i thought i only copied the link. about the kjk rumor. that is not true. yeh said so herself in happy together. she was a bit annoyed that ji seok kept asking if it was hard for them to go out. that’s when she threw daniel henney’s name in there, that she went to his premier. it was like she was saying how come nobody says anything about that. it’s only back in rumor mill cuz kjk & co keeps talking about her on running man. i think they should stop riding her coattails.

  12. she said that her mom asked her about it cuz it was on the front page of the paper, but she told her parents it’s not true. her parents were so disappointed cuz they thought that she finally has a boyfriend, but she said no, that’s not true. i don’tknow why ppl keep saying that she’s never denied it, when i keep seeing her denials everywhere. i guess ppl just c what they want to see. oh, well…

  13. sorry, chipskjaa. this is starting to look like my rantings and ravings instead of yours. i better go some place else now, cuz i might start ranting again…

    • don’t worry about it esigh.. that’s alright, rants are welcome on my blog! kkk.. i actually can relate because i had the same thoughts about YEH and JJH after I watched Goong! only mine happened a few years back, back when it was very hard for a me to get any access to news that were subbed and internet in the Philippines was too slow! but you can talk about goong on my blog 🙂 as a fan of goong, i would love for both YEH and JJH to be in another drama together!

      • i think that the JJH & YEH relationship is an open secret in the entertainment industry in korea. an example is in the 2007 MBC awards show, gong yoo’s reaction after JJH made a comment about the treatment YEH got from her CP boss, while YEH gives JJH a serious look. GY is like saying “uh oh, trouble in paradise?” and laughing at the same time. if they were dating at that time, as JJH’s actions and photos of them show, and YEH was still crying about JJH in 2009 after his drug charge, that makes it 3 yrs that they’ve dated before JJH going into the military. YEH went out of circulation after her 2009 MFL, only came back for LTM in 2011. so, i figure, after his military discharge and singing songs like u2’s with or without you and a korean song – you and me again (the lyrics go, would you decide to come back to me baby, are you wondering ’cause you don’t know whether i love you or not? but everything is not the same as before. as seasons pass from winter to spring, just come back to me. i think the time we’re apart seems just a long night, with my heart that is for you, i keep going around you, why are you waiting for? don’t look back. the days we’ll see each other is more than the days we were apart. would you decide to come back to me baby? just the way you are, just come back to me), which he may have composed (i’m doing research), who is he getting back together with? my answer is YEH, of course and seeing them at that movie premiere just clinched it for me. but he doesn’t say saranghae, just points to that heart again. so, i think one day, maybe if JJH’s “I am King” project is successful, they’ll make an announcement. that’s what i think. what do you think about what i think (lol)? oh btw, when asked to pick bet. kang ji hwan and ju ji hoon, YEH said she’ll pick JJH for his caring mind. just…

        • in the song, when he said “but everything is not the same…,” it’s like he’s saying he’s a changed man, so just come back, forget about the past. he won’t do it again.

          • did he write this for somebody? omo! my craziness is coming back! oh and where in the philippines did you live?

    • Anyeo esigh,
      I agree with you about YEH & JJH possibly being in a secret relationship, but cannot or will not disclose of it as yet. I think I know which “Happy Together” episode your talking about. Was it the one for her promoting My Fair Lady with her costars? Anyways, she tried to squash the rumors about her and KJK. I believe they did like each other during the X-man days, but again the entertainment industry frowns upon their actors being in relationships. Their relationship never got off the ground so to speak. She admitted that he was nice to her and she supported him in his endeavors, but I don’t think it continued. I think after she did Goong, JJH stole her heart. Who can’t resist his good looks and charms? I may be fantasizing myself, but the story Goong sometimes correlates to their own personal relationship. When she told Yul that even in 25 million years they might meet again, not to bother saying hello to her because she will probably only love Shin. Also, when she told Shin that she already gave her heart away and that she can’t give it away as easily as him…I was just like…babo Shin, she’s talking about YOU!
      Wouldn’t it be just so romantic if they did end up being together? Ahhh…love can be so michoso!

      • hello bingungmama! welcome! yes, that’s the one! unlike you, i don’t think she had any romantic feelings for kjk. the thing that they had on xman was scripted, even some realistic yeh-kjk shippers agree with me on that. btw, have you read all my posts here? what do you think about the songs? i just read something about the Come to Play interview. i’m going to take a look at it then come back with my observations. c u! oh, invite your other friends here, so we can all talk about YEH and JJH here. i already have an outline for goong 2. maybe someday i’ll write it here.

        • esigh! you should write something!!! 🙂 and let me know so i can put it on my blog! toodles.. see u soon

        • As far as YEH and KJK, I think they were amicable to each other as friends. She did try to support him by being in one of his music videos and went to his concert, but yeah, she did not “really” like him as a boyfriend or anything. I think KJK liked YEH more than she liked him. I’m glad everything is behind those 2 anyways. To me, they didn’t look that great together. I’m sure he’s nice and all, but I really want her to be with JJH. He’s much better looking and suits her personality.
          I have an idea for Goong 2 also. I want Chae-Khung to have her baby and to show all the funny scenarios that can happen from having a baby in the Palace. Can you imagine all the cute scenes with Great-Ahmoni Queen doting on that baby? They should show Shin changing diapers and giving the baby a bath.
          Chae-Khung will help her mom sell insurance. Heehee.
          Don’t bring back Hyo-Rin or Yul! Every Korean drama has to have a villain, so who should it be? Maybe Kang-In? Kang-In and Hyo-Rin end up getting married and they have a son too. They brag about their son and try to get little Shin-goon into trouble at school. I’m just kidding.
          I do want to see a Goong 2, but I don’t think it will happen. Like I said, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt never made another movie together after Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It would be a bit weird to do a drama with your significant other. Maybe, that’s why Goong 2 was never made! YEH and JJH said they cannot do the drama. Too difficult to bring those feelings to the screen.

  14. thanks chipskjaa. you’re very generous. i’m done ranting about kjk rumours. i can move forward now, ‘cuz JJH & YEH are back together now. they’re happy, i’m happy, and everything seems alright with the world again. we just had our 4th of july celebrations here and i’m so tired, but i’m still happy. everyone here’s asking why. i only had 2 hours of sleep this morning, but i’m good. it’s all good because of what i found out from losing sleep. it won’t happen again. now, we’ll see if we can get to see another drama with these together, but the real life drama for them continues. i hope they gain enough courage to do what needs to be done so they can stay happy together. thanks for being here as a sounding board for me when i was so anxious. for that, i now consider you as a friend. see you around here in these blogs again . i’m curious abt that 2ne1 song Lonely. do you have it in your playlist?

    • oh happy 4th of july! nice to meet you my new found friend! you can always visit my blog! by the way, can i ask like how old you are? sorry.. you do know how to speak filipino right? Lonely.. its anice ballad by 2ne1, i had it on my playlist for sometime when they released that album. have you heard that song before? it’s a nice song, but not my favorite 2ne1 song… 🙂

  15. oh btw, i just want to let you know, i caught an episode of K2H this evening and i watched it through. isn’t that a good sign? c u…

    • you’re getting there! hahaha.. believe me i know it’s hard to get over Goong, but that’s a start.. congratulations!!!

  16. thanks. yes, i know Filipino. that’s good! you said Filipino, instead of the usual tagalog as most Filipinos refer to it. that irritates me each time. i have to explain the difference between the two. did you, by any chance attend UP? yes, i heard lonely. it was sung by YEH, a blackjack herself, at her valentine’s day fan meet this year. sad, huh? but she’s not sad anymore. she was at a movie premiere in may, where JJH was, also. the two posed for pictures together and they’re wearing the same bracelets. both were also wearing striped bottoms. just in time for a great b-day present for JJH, may 16. about my age, well i never broadcast my age, not even to family. though, i always give ppl just one guess, if you get it right i’ll tell you that it’s right. so. are you gonna take a guess? oh btw, don’t get me wrong. but i’m still getting my daily dose of goong.

    • how did you know i’m from UP? actually I am from Cebu.. so it’s one of the reasons why i used “Filipino” and not “Tagalog”
      was YEH singing Lonely because she was lonely without JJH? OMG I can’t believe that i said that!! I mean right after Goong I really wanted to hear that they were together.. but i love it that you brought back my YEH and JJH craziness!
      for your age.. will it be ok if you give a clue please? just an answer to the question.. are you older or younger than any of the super junior members?
      i’m within that age group by the way… where in the world are u by the way?? sorry for a lot of questions 🙂

  17. don’t worry about the questions. i also want to share my craziness. i lived in quezon city. about UP, i attended it – diliman campus, & that’s where i learned the distinction bet. Filipino & tagalog or even Pilipino, and that the official language is Filipino, not pilipino. i was in college at 14 yrs. old. super junior current members? i guess i’m older. about that song, you and me again, i think jjh wrote it cuz it’s not even 3 mins. long. i don’t think anyone would release a song shorter than 3 mins., except for instrumental album fillers. and yeh sang lonely at a fan meet. why would you sing that when you’re with your fans? it’s supposed to be a celebration. i think she sang it cuz it’s already feb. and jjh hasn’t made any moves, yet. i think their schedules only cleared up some in april, when they started to make headway. so into may, i think they are back together. more craziness, do you know the u2 song with or without you? part of the lyrics go ” sleight of hands, twist of fate, on a bed of nails, she makes me wait, and i’ll wait without you, with or without you… thru the storm we come to shore, you give it all, but i want more, and i’m waiting for you, with or without you…i can’t live with or without you… and you give yourself away..and you give…,” i’m not sure if you were aware that yeh was and still is a very giving person. she did things for friends, producers, etc. even did a drama she really didn’t want (MFL or tcotyl), bec. of promises she made. that’s how she ended up doing the kjk music vid and the cameo on PT and that’s also how she got into debt after goong, but thankfully she got a lot of commercial jobs with and without jjh after goong. she said she has now recovered, thanks to all the commercials she’s been doing. also, in jjh’s fan meet he sang another rockin’ song in english. i don’t know if your familiar with it. it’s me, myself, and I. part of the lyrics go, “my fall, my fall, my fall will break your wall…i’m mad, i’m mad, i’m mad like a big dog…my god, my god, my god gave me a rod…, fishing, fishing, fishing…” do you see a significance? to me, his fall from grace broke yeh’s wall, that was why she was crying in Japan at that fan meet a week after jjh got charged. he was mad, alright, about what happened to him, but that was the lightning rod, the twist of fate, the “storm,” that hopefully will put him on the right track. so yeh, don’t look back just come back…. and i think she did. i noticed she has put on a little weight, only a smidgen. it’s like goong all over again. anyway no problem, jjh likes it that way. he said he doesn’t like thin….. so how do you like my craziness? someone on youtube told me i should be insitutionalized. i was tempted to write a blog just to lay out everything that i found, but it’s so tedious to have to go back and forth among various references. plus, i can see that YEH & JJH do not have enough courage yet to come out in the open, so i will respect that. maybe in time, i hope b4 YEH turns 30, they will be brave enough to face the consequences of them telling the whole world thay they love each other. and i will be in my little corner of the world cheering them on. JJH & YEH, FIGHTING!!!!! btw, i thought i told you already, that corner is in Virginia, USA.

    • that song title – i meant me, my yoke, and i by damien rice. he also sang IRIS by goo goo dolls. i don’t know if your familiar with it – “…and i don’t want the world to see me, cuz i don’t think that they’d understand, when everything’s made to tbe broken, i just want you to know who i am…” i love the instrumental part of this song. he played his guitar in these rock songs, except for with or without you, which was the opening number, i think. sorry for the long posts. i hope wordpress doesn’t crash cuz of these.

    • yay! a fellow UPian! actually i studied in cebu.. and i really hate it when they say tagalog because there are words that are not from Tagalog that are in Filipino! No wonder you have that sense of nationalism in you. I noticed a bit when you were commenting about CL!

      I don’t think you mentioned you were from Virginia.. but that’s ok.. I have some cousins who lived there.. but they’re older now so I think they moved. But I guess you’re working there or did your family immigrate there?

      you are the truly amazing when it comes to the analysis of YEH and JJH! I could never do that! I mean I have thoughts, but I don’t really dig in too much and I get satisfied with what I can research. I know all the songs you’ve mentioned. I liked them myself but I never really thought about them singing songs to each other. But it’s we are talking about the Korean entertainment industry, stars do crazy stuff in secret for the ones they adore.. and that my friend is a big possibility! i mean they give signals to their sweethearts on broadcasts and a lot of artists said so themselves.

      Would you want to write it on my blog? About YEH and JJH… I don’t mind sharing my blog! ^_^

  18. wow! so, you like my craziness? yes, you’re right abt the signals, they did say that. and the bracelets, i think that was just a subtle hint for the fans who really believe in them. we are US citizens now. virginia is a huge state. we’re in the metro washington, dc area. so, you’re a bisdak. i almost went to up cebu, but my mom thought that was too far, so she got me to go into UPCM (college of Manila) instead, then after 1.5 years i transferred to diliman. i assume you’re asking me abt the blog. i was tempted, but i thought against it. what if it starts something and could adversely affect either one of them? if they’re not ready right now, i will respect that choice. even YEH is waiting now, that’s why she enrolled in graduate classes. there may be something happening towards the end of the year, after “i am king” finish showing. that’s why fans should support “i am king.” it will determine whether they, YEH & JJH, have to wait longer or not. i’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying at the same time. thanks for the offer, though. i’ll just laugh off the comments being made that i’m cuckoo. no big deal. what do you think abt JJH’s song choices? was he sending a message? he was singing english songs in front of an audience who don’t ususally understand english. so i think it wasn’t a message to give to the audience at that time, but a message for later consumption, but YEH went to singapore for the MAMA awards. so…. more craziness later…c ya

    • sorry for the the very very late reply! swamped with doing midterm exams for kids here!
      i’m actually only a half bisdak coz my dad’s from thailand and i’m living here now 🙂 for me i almost went to diliman, actually i passed the course for diliman but my mom wasn’t keen on me staying alone in manila, so i studied in cebu..
      i love your craziness!!! sincerely!!! if only i had that kind of patience i’d be posting about them!!!
      but there’s part of me that doesn’t do that anymore. i got burned by a lot of netizens before.. and they are viciously scary! no kidding.. and imagine that was 3 years ago! but let me know when you want to blog it.. i’d gladly reblog it on my site! 🙂

      • i was an accountant, so i really paid attention to details. even when i work as a compuer ptogrammer, my programs are clean because i took care of every little detail. that’s one of the things the bosses praised me for.

  19. don’t worry abt it. i took a break myself. the Phil. King of Comedy, Dolphy, died and i sort of mourned for him. i shed some tears for him. in our household, my father didn’t allow us to watch Filipino shows, but he watched Dolphy’s shows on tv. so, he was like part of our growing up years. may i ask, what course are you teaching? i assume it’s a college course, right? but you say kids, you talk as if you’re much older, when you’re only in early twenties – super junior right, except for the youngest one (i think he’s 18?). i also taught in college. i was the youngest teach, some classmates even became students. some students even want to date me. they didn’t know how to address me, so i just gave them my first name. exams were bad time for me, too. so. i guess you finished grading their exams? congrats!!! when does school year end there in thailand?

    you’re right about those vicious netizens, but what can they do to me? especially the kjk shippers (i just learned this word, not sure if i’m using it appropriately). but as the saying goes… sticks and stones may break by bones, but words can never hurt me, right? however, it’s not the same for other ppl. i know YEH is very sensitive abt what ppl say. i don’t think she’ll be sensitive abt what i will say, if i ever do a blog, but about what the reaction will be from other ppl. what if somehow it gets picked up by someone in korea and brings it up and starts asking questions. if she’s not ready to face it, which she’s not right now, i don’t want to be the person that puts her in that bind. i don’t want to convince ppl who don’t want to believe. i’ll wait. i think we’ll see them together in another drama, if she’s not under contract with kbs. sbs is strong possibility.

    just a thought from out of the blue, i’m so crazy. these days, i’m always caught spaced out, then smiling to myself. my brother laughs at me. he gets my craziness. i just did it just now while writing this. guess what’s on my mind? you got it!!!

    • hey esigh! sorry for the very very late reply.. i haven’t accessed my blog in ages because of the midterms..
      actually i am not teaching college here but high school.. i’m not yet ready for teaching college especially when i think of all those papers we did back in college! i think i’d go crazy! lol
      i just finished grading and checking the exams. though i teach english only here, i have to do 6 different exams for 2 grade levels as their skill is different.. and it’s only the midterms.. i’m going to die in the finals! lol

      anyhow, yes i’ve reaad about how vicious they are! they are really really crazy! but i can’t wait for another drama now that jjh is back in the business. i just hope none of those controversies about him would happen ever again! i like him as an actor actually.. he’s the best in antique bakery! haha.. i could watch that movie over and over again! yeh though sometimes, though i like her, is i think a different person on and off camera.. if you’ve seen xman i think you’d know what i mean..

      ahahaha.. even reading your comment now i still now what’s on your mind! and props to your bro for getting your craziness. i wish i could say the same for my sister!
      lo ^_^

      • hey you, too! wow, high school! that’s tougher. i can’t do that. i taught accounting right after i passed the cpa board exam. so, there were no papers to write and not much preparation since it was still very fresh in my head. i was actually just winging it. i think i didn’t do too badly cuz my students topped the departmental exams. they also helped check the exams over some booze. was i a bad teacher? oh well…

        i hope the same for JJH. at least he’s keeping himself busy with work. i liked antique bakery also. i was able to watch it after goong cuz there’s no female lead in it, but i was surprised that it was a gay man instead. i laughed so hard though, cuz his character was so straight that even the gay man rejected him. about yeh, uh huh, i’ve seen xman, and yeah, she seems to have a mean streak in her. actually, it came out a little in goong. can’t remember the episode, but it was when shin was trying to apologize to her about the incident at yul’s birthday party. when she walked away from shin, she had a little smirk on her face. the expression was out of character. it was like she was saying “hah, that’s what you get!” like she one-upped him. i was surprised. i was thinking that if these two end up together, JJH will be a hen-pecked husband, lol. she had to be like that for her to win all those of course challenges.

        sorry about your sister. my brother’s a special child, but when i ask him why he’s laughing at me, he tells me “you’re thinking about those two again,” then laughs again. maybe his thoughts are not too complicated, that’s why he gets simple things like this.


        • hahaha.. tell me about it! but oh well i love these kids one way or another..
          i think that character shows a lot in coffee prince! maybe that’s why she looks so natural there.. but she really is scary! i remembered all those xman episodes! suddenly i miss the wackiness of xman!
          its good to have a sibling like that.. 🙂

          • try running man. have you seen it? spoiler alert. on ep 101, i loved it when kim soo hyun was a guest and he defeated kjk, he asked kjk for forgiveness lol.

          • haha.. i’ve been watching that show since the first ep! i love it!!!
            but xman was different.. just a bit.. it was old school fun! lol

  20. so, i’ve looked more into that song, you and me again. JJH did not compose it. there’s actually a version of it by super junior with park sae byul, which is about 4 min 38 secs long, so ji hun just cut it short. i don’t think it’s a super junior original either.

    • did a little research, it’s done originally by byeon jin seob.. and the title in Korean is Geudae Naege Dashi.. try this video

      • wow, amazing! you even found time to research this. the song is really short! this version is sadder than JJH’s ‘cuz it’s just a little slower and the guy sounded like he was about to cry – so sad. jjh’s rendition was not too bad at all, but compared to SJ, they slayed this song and put more substance in it by making it longer. SJ’s version doesn’t leave you hanging, wanting for more.

        • ahh yes.. actually i remember SJ singing that in a music show with the girl playing the piano..
          SJ i think sang the whole song.. 🙂 i haven’t heard jjh version yet.. or him singing.. wait maybe i did.. i forgot! haha.. JJH has a new drama right?

          • so this guy on the vid also cut it short? jjh’s version is just an audio from gung7 on youtube at his fan meeting in nov 2011. yes he has a new drama, five fingers, where he plays a pianist. fb ji chang wook plays his brother. it will start airing on aug. 11 via SBS. i hope the english subs follow soon. i’ll see if i can watch it even if YEH’s not in it.

          • i think so.. i this this is only a part of the song.. the original is like a little more than 4 minutes..
            i bet english subs will follow soon. i do hope its good.. haven’t gotten over qihm yet! even gaksital is too serious for me!

      • i figured as much when i looked at your other posts. congratulations! i assume you’re finished grading their papers. when are the finals? good luck!

          • oh, only abt. 1.5 mos. left to go. yes, good luck! you’ll do well…but there’s something to look forward to after that – vacation!
            btw, have you seen the video of the VIP premiere of the movie “i Am a King?” if not here it is:
            i have a question. at 1:33, why is JJH wearing a white shirt? he was initially wearing all black. why did he change? this clip was at the end of the movie. i saw fr. another video fr gung7 that they all came out from one side of the theatre. also at 1:33, watch him flash that peace sign with a big smile on his face. to who do you think that sign was directed? watch YEH at 1:38, she looks so happy. if you noticed, YEH was wearing black & white ensemble. you know what i’m getting at, right? am i crazy? i tried to post these on that video, but the uploader won’t approve it. i guess she flaged me.

          • i honestly can’t wait for a vacation.. the perks of teaching! hahaha…
            i only saw the trailers.. did not have time to look as much as i want.. thanks for keeping me updated…
            i only know YEH went there but i didn’t see this!
            anyway.. my guess is this.. he arrived at the premiere wearing black, so he was snapped at the red carpet wearing black
            then before the press conference, he changed his black shirt to a white shirt…
            usually for premieres, from what i know artists get snapped twice, one when they arrive and another during the press conference..
            at times the actor/actress change their clothes but i think this is a rare situation. why he changed it i have no idea! haha..
            my basis for this guess are these videos:

            btw.. we have a new goong fan! see posted comment by bingungmama…
            someone mentioned to her about our craziness for goong! ^_^

  21. Hello esigh and chipskjaa! Anyeo! As you can see from my username, I am a diehard Goong fan/ YEh & JJH shipper. I somehow was given this website to find out more about JJH & YEH’s secret relationship. I posted a comment on and well, anyways, here I am. I really think that YEH & JJH are meant to be together too. Something tells me that they are really in love with each other, but because of their contracts, they cannot let people know that they are together. For whatever reasons, Korean fans/entertainment companies are not as forgiving of their actors/actresses being out in the open with their personal affairs. I too think that JJH sang that song”With or Without You” by U2 as a testment to YEH. When they filmed Goong together, just by looking at their behind the scenes videos, there was a real connection betweent he two. I just have this sixth sense that they are in a secret relationship. YEH was so cute at her fan meeting too. Well, I’ll come back tomorrow to see if you got my comment. Kai-ke.

    • hello bingungmama! 🙂 an avid goong fan is always welcome in my blog! welcome to the club! esigh and i agree about the relationship, but esigh knows more than i do! right esigh? wink wink *_*… but we both think that they do have some secret relationship…and both of us want them to be together for real not just in the reel! if you find out anything about them your more than welcome to share it here!

      • Sorry chipskajaa…I should have pressed reply. I just realized this today. I left another comment on your blog. I was just wondering…is that cute pic for your username your dog? It’s soooo cute! And that expression is soooo funny! I’ll talk to you later. Anyeo!

        • don’t worry like i said i’m not strict with comments aas long as you’re not bashing anyone kkk 🙂
          nope that’s not my dog.. we have a maltese.. this dog is fluffy.. i found him on the internet.
          when i made this blog i really liked this dog’s picture, so until now i still use it for my gravatar. 🙂

  22. Anyeo chipskjaa & esigh! I read your conversations more thoroughly today and I get the impression that your both teachers and filipina. I am a Kindergarten teacher in Southern California. It’s very hot out here now. That’s interesting that we all are in the teaching profession.
    Esigh – I watch Goong on an almost daily basis too. I’m crazy too! I can’t get enough of their cuteness. I pratically have every cap pic that was on the Soompi thread and on the internet. I am thinking of putting the pics in the correct episodes and to add a quick synopsis of each episode. I think I’m crazy if i do this, so I’ve been putting it off. If you go on the Soompi thread for Goong, they had this funny list that mentions if you do certain things that your a Goong fanatic and I had so many on the list that I know I’m Goong crazy.
    I first saw Goong almost 2 years ago. In 2006 when Goong came out, I would have been on that Soompi thread asking for downloads if I had to wait with the rest of the people. I’m so glad that I didn’t even know about kdramas until by accident I was bored and my sister said to go to mysoju to watch kdramas. I actually watched it on youtube, one section at a time and the quality sucked! Now I watch it all the time on and laugh at the people’s comments. I bought the DVD’s, but my friends and family have been borrowing it. I don’t mind sharing…I want to spread my love for Goong.
    Going back to YEH and JJH – I really think that they are secretly together and are waiting for the right time to bring out their relationship to the public. Even though, YEH joked that she didn’t have a boyfriend and asked her fans at the Valentine fan meeting to help her find someone, she’s really with JJH. I didn’t know she cried when she tried to sing Perhaps Love at a fan meeting. That is so sad and sweet at the same time.
    I love YEH’s personality the most! Although she is beautiful and has “killer legs”, I love her sincerity and kindness to her fans and other people. I’ve watched every kdrama and movie of both YEH and JJH. They are both excellent actors. I just feel that for them to do another drama together would be awkward, especially if they are really seeing each other. Neither one wants people to think that they are faking their actions on the screen if they are really in love with each other. To me, it wouldn’t look right. It’s like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt never did a movie together after falling in love from meeting in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
    Oh well…I better go. I am rambling too much. Kai-ke!

    • rambling in my blog is ok 🙂 don’t worry i’m not that strict..
      and you’re right with the profession 🙂
      what i like most about her is her ability to adopt the persona of her character.. she’s a completely different person in her drama and movies..
      if you have some things to share about both of them don’t hesitate to drop by..
      but i do hope YEH and JJH will end up being together..
      it would be so romantic!!!

      • I sent a reply to esigh because I wanted to let her know that I am also wishing for YEH and JJH to be together. It would definitely be so romantic if they did come out and say that they fell in love with each other since Goong days! Can you imagine what all the people will say? The netizens will go crazy! They might even say, “Why didn’t you just come out and say it?” And they will have to explain that the netizens are always criticizing others that they didn’t want their careers to be ruined or cause pain to their families. Hopefully, netizens will be more understanding of actors and realize that they are people with feelings and that they need to be more supportive. I don’t get it!
        I’m not korean, so I don’t speak the language or understand it. I only know a few words here and there like hello and goodbye. I learn from watching the kdramas, but if I could read it and understand it, I would be going on the korean websites and trying to find out as much as I can on these two. So, for me to share anything personal about these 2 lovebirds would be secondhand news. Don’t quote me on anything, that’s for sure. I can only share my love for these 2 actors and the drama Goong that opened up my eyes to the Korean language and culture. I have only 1 Korean friend, but she is a Korean-American, so she can’t speak the language either. I’m Japanese-American and I can’t speak Japanese. I should have learned the language when my mom sent me to Japanese school as a kid, but I refused to learn it. I’m so babo for being lazy. hahahahaha. Now, I teach children who mainly speak Spanish and I can’t even communicate with them! I need to learn some languages! Seriously…I should have been more open to languages. Now, I regret it.

        • don’t worry.. please comment all you want 🙂
          i think the netizens would have a busy day when that will happen.. it would be bigger than Yoo Inna and Ji Hyun Woo’s love epic!
          But it’s true netizens are very very scary! i mean, it’s not the same as in other countries where they accept that their idols are in a relationship. i think in america, the fans tend to understand a bit more.. though haters would not disappear.
          About the language.. i think Korean is easier to learn than Japanese.. I studied Japanese but I think the writing was so difficult and I did not have time to memorize it. Korean on the other hand, i could read it and write it but i have no idea what it says. hahaha.. i actually just learned on my own via the internet.. i used to teach them before (a lot of them went to the philippines to learn) so that’s where i picked up the love for the language (aside from being a certified Kdrama, Kpop and Kvariety buff!). but because i’m staying here, i’m slowly forgetting it.
          i want to learn it again! anyway.. i think it’s never too late to learn a language so you could find some sources on the net! wink wink *_*

          • Are you in the Philippines or the states? Actually, my son is dating a filipina. She’s been here since her early teens and she mainly speaks English. I am an ahjumma with a 28 year old son and a soon to be 24 year old daughter. Both still live at home. That’s ok…better to keep an eye on them. So, yeah, someday I will learn Japanese…hopefully when I retire. Korean seems easier to understand than Japanese. I’ve been watching stuff on youtube. I live too far away from Koreatown near Los Angeles. They have classes there that my korean friend is taking lessons from. She says, I know more Korean than her.
            I haven’t been watching any kdramas lately because of the Olympics. Thankfully, I Do, I Do was able to finish before the Olympics and I really, really liked that one with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo. I am willing to watch other dramas, but like esigh, Goong will always be my #1 favorite.
            Well, take care and let me know of any other good dramas to watch. Of course, I will be watching JJH’s new drama Five Fingers as soon as it comes online. I have an account with and Maybe, well discuss JJH’s drama together. Aneyoung.

          • actually i’m in thailand 🙂 my dad’s actually from here so i decided to be immersed in a different culture. and living here is one of the reasons why i am forgetting my korean!! ahh, usually Filipinos speak english because its like the second language and it’s the language we learned in school.
            don’t worry about being an ahjumma fan! haha… i had lots of Korean ahjumma friends who are crazy about dramas! 🙂 goong is actually my favorite.. i don’t know why, though most of my friends liked coffee prince better.. i think there is something about their chemistry with JJH and YEH that makes it more fun to watch..
            Good dramas: have you seen QUeen In Hyun’s man? that’s my second favorite next to goong!
            what kind of dramas do you prefer to watch?
            unfortunately for me, dramafever is no available in thailand 😦 but there are a lot of sources! kya! 🙂

          • i just want to say i noticed you said about YEH & JJH announcement “…when that will happen…,” not IF that will happen. yaaay! am i converting you to my side? are you seeing the light now?

          • yup! hahaha you’ve both converted me! 🙂 but your skills and bigungmama’s are higher compared to mine!
            by the way i will be posting an entry where you can rant all you want about JJH and YEH..
            for u and bigungmama.. haha
            i am getting confused here so i’m putting it there.. 🙂

    • yes, yeh cried. it was right after JJH got charged with drug use in 2009. JJH was supposed to be in Japan for his birthday fan meeting and YEH was also scheduled for her own fan meeting around the same time. see, they were planning their overseas trips around the same time. before this JJH also had fan meets in Japan in the month of October, while YEH did her own birthday fan meets, also in japan… i don’t think yeh will be doing any drama soon. it might compete with JJH’s new drama, which will run for 30 eps, less than 4 mos. if she does one, it may air in dec. or jan next year. i think something big is coming, we’ll see…brangelina didn’t do a movie together after that first one cuz they’re always together, i think. work is the only time they get a break fr each other. not so with JJH & YEH. so, i’m still hoping there will be a project with these two together… rambling? we’re the same. thnx to chipskjaa, we can ramble all we want (wink wink *_*).

  23. Anyeo! I just bought a small book at our Barnes & Noble on basic Korean words to for travel. Heeheehee. Yay! Someday I might visit Korean…anyways, I like watching romantic comedies only. If YEJ or JJH is in it, then I’ll watch it, but I definitely NEVER, EVER watch horror movies. I don’t want to have nightmares. I believe JJH’s drama, “Five Fingers” is a melodrama and I don’t even like those because I end up crying all the time. I hate to feel sad, especially for the characters I like. Kunde…I will support JJH’s drama.
    I will try from your suggestion, Queen In Hyun’s Man. I believe Ham Eun Jung was in this drama and I really like her. She will also be in “Five Fingers”.
    Thanks for the tip. I will be getting ready to go to bed in a couple of hours. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Annyong!

    • hello, bingungmama! sorry for being so late with the reply. welcome here! the more, the merrier. right chipskjaa? chipskjaa teaches high school in thailand, while i taught college in the philippines for two sems only before coming to the US. here, i practiced my profession as an accountant. i admire you and chipskjaa, because it is harder to teach younger kids than college kids. about eunjung, i don’t think she was in QIM. i believe that was a different drama, but it’s a good drama nonetheless. i almost finished it. i was at ep. 14 before i discovered goong. i was waiting for new eps to be uploaded, and while waiting i watched goong. after goong, i abandoned all the other dramas i was watching. that was about three months ago. so, i’m really a baby when it comes to YEH and JJH fandom (is that a word? lol). after finishing goong, i went right away to the internet and dug up stuff about these two. every website that had them, i visited. i even looked at archives. that’s how i concluded what i think about their relationship.

      you’re going back to school already? wow, classes start early in California huh?

      btw, does anyone know who hyeonga is? in the premiere of IAK, YEH said “hyeonga fighting!” if this hyeonga is not JJH then it is very curious to me why she wouldn’t even cheer on a friend she grew up together in the biz, YEH’s own words in high cut interview, unless she was purposely avoiding it to preempt any rumour from starting…. but why do it only with JJH? i thought she went there for him.

      chipskjaa, that vid that you showed was actually just before the movie screening where they only introduced themselves to the audience. the actual press con was at the start of the vid that i was referring to, where they were all sitting down inside the theatre and answering questions. did you guys hear YEH’s cheer after JJH introduced himself? “hoohoo!” so, b4 the screening he had already changed! this really ties in with the scenario i had a few days ago. anyway, gotta go for now. i will come back later with more observations! happy day everyone!

      • do you have the article about hyeonga? because i looked up the cast and no one is names like that.. unless she said hoon-a or younghoon-a then it’s JJH..

        • it wasn’t only YEH who cheered for that name. i’ll look for the vid and get the link. i’m not sure about the spelling or if i heard it right. i’ll be back. hey, btw you changed the look of your page as well as your banner pic – shinhwa. nice.

          • haha i changed it.. i got a bit bored with the other one..
            sorry for the long reply btw.. we’re busy again these days because of school activities..
            shinhwa is a current obsession these days!

          • hello esigh! I always forget to press reply. I left another comment on this website. I’m glad you got my first message. I saw the video, but she talked so fast that I didn’t know what she said. I am hoping for an announcement of their engagement by the end of the year or the new year. JJH is making a great comeback with his movie and his upcoming drama. I wish YEH would do something soon too. I just love her acting.

          • I am adding a video that I found in my bookmarks. It’s an entertainment companies report on YEH being in some kind of scandal I think with JJH. I don’t understand Korean, so I can’t translate, but if you know of someone who does, maybe they can translate the video. You may have already seen it.

            I was just curious about this video.

          • i think its him… because yong-a (or young-ah) could be used for to call someone you are close with 🙂

  24. Anyeo everyone! I just got home from work. It is sooooo hot in Southern California right now. The air conditioning in my classroom isn’t working, so I left as soon as I was allowed to and came home to talk with you gals. I don’t know anyone by hyeonga. I saw on a friend’s facebook, lots of pics that she has of JJH and one of them was of JJH’s friends going out after his performance of VOL. I’m not sure what VOL is. I don’t know how to upload photos. It’s in her facebook account. You can ask if you want to be friends with her on facebook. Her username is tarits sim. Just ask to be her friend. She has tons of pictures of JJH and YEH. Not together as a couple, because they are never seen together, which I think is so sad. She is a huge fan of JJH and is a hyoonie shipper. That’s what they call JJH & YEH as a couple.
    esigh, don’t be embarassed about being a newbie to Goong. I’m so glad that this drama still has an affect on people’s emotions for being over 6 years old. Not all movies/dramas can do that. It has become a classic! I will never get tired of watching it. It still pulls at my heartstrings everytime I watch it. I just can’t get enough of these 2 actors. They were great for their first time as actors and I really think they grew to love each other from doing the drama. They literally grew up before my eyes. It took from September 2005 to March of 2006 to complete this drama. I can tell from the 1st episode to the last the changes in their faces and acting ability. It was so cute to see how their relationship grew from the story and from the behind the scenes videos. I still love the scenes where Chae-Khung tells Shin, “I already gave my heart away.” “It’s not so easy for me to give it to someone else.” (And babo Shin doesn’t even know it’s him that CK is talking about). And when she tells Yul, ” If you see me in 25 million years, just walk away. Don’t say “hello”, because I will still be in love with Shin.” “sniff,sniff” I think this is what happened to her in real life with her and Ji Hoon-ssi.
    Well, let me know if you hear anything else about these 2 sad lovebirds.

    • i really can’t tell what the video is about either. it was shown/uploaded in feb 2010, after JJH has already entered the military and YEH did not have any dramas or movies, so i don’t know. maybe chipskjaa can make some sense out of it.

      hyeonga is actually young-a, which means JJH. that is his real name joo young hoon. VOL is voyage of life. it was the musical that he and lee jung ki did for the military while they were in the service. if he went out with friends after the performance, wouldn’t those friends be in the military also? idk.

      about those scenes, this is so weird, but i actually have the opposite feeling about them. i mean, i like that she said those things: first, to shin, but they were fighting and she doesn’t tell him straight what she meant, so it creates more misunderstanding. i was saying dumb shin and stupid ck, why can’t you just tell him straight seeing how shin is so inadequate when it comes to those things; and second to yul, why are you telling yul when shin just cried on your shoulder and you didn’t even say anything to comfort him? those words would have been good to hear.
      bingungmama, do you see what i mean? i like scenes where thay are being honest with each other like when ck finally told him she loves him, or when shin told ck about that 25,000 years and that he’ll still want to meet her again, or even at the summer retreat place, the simple opening of the windows and shin was trying to get her to watch the view. he had that naughty smile, like he was trying to get her in the mood so he can go to first base (wink wink *_*), or in the car by the beach when shin took ck’s hand and held it and she put her other hand on top of shin’s. man, there’s a lot of scenes i like, but not when they’re fighting. i like their make-up parts, so sweeeet .

  25. OK, the scenes that I was talking about touched my heart. Yes, CK should be more honest to Shin, but why didn’t he get it? Is it not so obvious? CK: “I can only give my heart to one person and it’s already been given away.” If it’s not YUL, like she told Shin, then who could it be? Kang-In? NO! Shin’s secretary? NO! Who else has she been spending so much time with? YOU!! PABO Shin! She’s talking about YOU! Even though Shin told her the story about wanting to see her again in 25 million years, she still hit him and then they’re so cute trying to throw rocks at each other, but yeah, shouldn’t she have known that Shin loves her too? The hand holding was very cute and the hugs! Oh my goodnes! Why does Shin always hug and kiss her when she’s sleeping? It makes me so mad that the writers are intentionally making the both of them babo! Even after seeing Shin’s video with the rest of their friends kissing her while she’s sleeping, she still doesn’t realize that Shin likes her! Come on…how dumb can you be. No guy is going to kiss you that sweetly and then say it’s all a joke! Yea…ranting and raving makes it fun! I still love this drama even though sometimes I just want to choke those 2 lovebirds.
    In other blogs people will start a thread with a question. So, I will ask you and whomever else is seeing this blog:
    Which scene made you cry the most? There’s so many…right? But which one stands out the most?

  26. i was laughing at your post! you’re right. i was going crazy screaming at my computer screen cuz those two were just so clueless, but you know what? it’s actually the reason why the make-up scenes were so good, and also why the first real kissing scene on ep 23 was so unforgetable, cuz they made us go through that roller coaster of emotions. the writers made it fit the song parrot, which had the two lovers in the song as both babos.

    the scene that made me cry the most was when ck was saying goodbye to halma mama. even pd hwang cried during the shoot. close second was when ck was running after shin’s car as he was leaving to go to court. that was the last time for themto see each other before ck goes overseas.

  27. Yes, episode 23 and 24, were very painful to watch. Actually, from episode 20 on up. Those last 5 episodes had lots of drama! I loved, as you say, the “we”re back to getting along and we’re in love” scenes. There are too many scenes that I cried at! I guess, I am just too emotional with these two lovebirds. I cried when she didn’t get to see her parents because she had to study. I was like, “Oh poor CK. She misses her family so much!” And I really cried at the 2 scenes you mentioned, but I also cried, when Shin tried to stop CK from being deposed, but she said, “No, I will be leaving the Palace as my choice because I need to take responsibility and I am doing this for the Monarchy because they are my family.” Oh…those tears from Shin and CK!!! I felt their pain…”sniff,”sniff”. The other scene that I cried is when she went to that field and started screaming with Yul. I felt her pain because of seeing those pictures of Shin and Hyo-Rin. Oh…I wanted to kick Shin’s butt so bad!
    Wasn’t it like karma for Shin. When CK came to the Palace she was crying and going through hardships and near the end because of Shin’s jealousy and Yul’s evil mom, Shin was the one crying and going through hardships to become King.
    The director Hwang Ro supposedly liked to put in a lot of symbolism in this drama. Did you notice any of it? One of the symbols, was the crown necklace that CK wore. When it fell and broke, it was a sign that she was going to lose being the Crown Princess. There are others. I’m watching episode 23 again….love the KISS!

  28. this is going to be a long one. i started this comment a couple days ago, but i got tied up elsewhere. sorry, if i missed stuffed. i’ll catch up later. gotta post this before it disappear.

    i was trying to find the english subbed episode of come to play where YEH was a guest promoting MBMD in mar 2011, but i can’t find any. i read somewhere that when the guests were asked to give a message to their future husbands, YEH said “if you (tangshin) don’t have a job right now, it’s alright (kinchana). you can do a little house cleaning, i’ll make lots of money for both of us. let’s live happily/prettily together.” doesn’t this sound like it was lifted from goong – the couch scene? shin: if i get dethrone, you may have to work and feed me. ck: it’s ok. i’ll make the money, you do the housework. shin: a man doing the housework? that can’t be. (insert clip) ck: why didn’t you answer the phone? shin: i was cleaning and putting the kids to sleep…” then, still promoting MBMD on star date – guerilla interview, YEH said she wants to get married soon. at the time of the CTP interview, JJH did not have a job and his future was uncertain. why, of all things, did YEH pick such things to say? it was so specific that i can’t help thinking she’s got someone in mind. why would one pick a jobless guy to marry? in fact, normally one chooses a financially stable guy to introduce to daddy as the future son-in-law. that’s why she got that response – shock. i think she was close to tears, but she tried to laugh it off. oh, and also i think she mentioned somehwere during this program that she had been wanting to get married since she was 22. when did she meet JJH or rather started dating him? no wonder JJH sang IRIS “and i’d give up forever to touch you cause i know that you feel me somehow. you’re the closest to heaven that i’ll ever be … and i don’t want the world to see me, cause i don’t think that they’d understand. when everything’s made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am. and you can’t firght the tears that ain’t coming or the moment of truth in your lies. when everything feels like the movies, yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive….”

    chipskjaa, here’s the vid of the ctp interview. YEH’s message starts at around 8:10: can you make sense out of it? was i right in the translation? what do you think? am i reading too much into it like my niece tells me? i still believe that message was for only one person – young-ah.

    • i think she said even “if you won’t have a job you can take care of the baby and stay at home. i will be the one to make money, let’s both live happily/fruitfully”
      and then cue the scene in goong where YEH is working and JJH is taking care of the baby! lol! ahahaha

        • i’m not totally sure.. but what she said just reminds me of that scene from goong.. or maybe i’m just reading too much between the lines 🙂

          • well, of coutse it wasn’t lifted “lifted,” but it was almost exactly the same that’s why i said that message was for young-ah, and that’s why he sang “…when everything feels like the movies, yeah you bleed…”

    • Anyeo esigh!
      I left a message on chipskjaa’s new JJH/YEH shippers site. See you there. I really can’t wait for these 2 to admit they’re in love! Wouldn’t that be soooo great? Love the fact that they send secret signals, songs, messages to each other. How romantic is that?

      I think Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story” fits their relationhip.

      We were both young when I first saw you
      I close my eyes
      And the flashback starts
      I’m standing there
      On a balcony in summer air

      See the lights
      See the party, the ball gowns
      I see you make your way through the crowd (This is the dancing scene)
      And say hello, little did I know

      That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
      And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
      And I was crying on the staircase
      Begging you please don’t go, and I said

      Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
      I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run
      You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
      It’s a love story baby just say yes

      So I sneak out to the garden to see you
      We keep quiet ’cause we’re dead if they knew
      So close your eyes
      Escape this town for a little while

      ‘Cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter
      And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
      But you were everything to me
      I was begging you please don’t go and I said

      Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
      I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run
      You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
      It’s a love story baby just say yes

      Romeo save me, they try to tell me how to feel
      This love is difficult, but it’s real
      Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess (The scandal with Yul)
      It’s a love story baby just say yes
      Oh oh

      I got tired of waiting
      Wondering if you were ever coming around (Her waiting for the apolgy from
      My faith in you is fading the King – waiting for Shin)
      When I met you on the outskirts of town, and I said

      Romeo save me I’ve been feeling so alone
      I keep waiting for you but you never come
      Is this in my head? I don’t know what to think
      He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

      And said, marry me Juliet
      You’ll never have to be alone
      I love you and that’s all I really know (Shin asks CK to marry her)
      I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
      It’s a love story baby just say yes

      Oh, oh, oh, oh
      ‘Cause we were both young when I first saw you

      Copied from

    • don’t worry, there will be no grammar class on my blog! lol.. by the way please check the new post i will be making.. its specific for all those YEH and JJH stories you want to share!

  29. i am watching goong again! i thought i’m ready to give other kdramas a chance, but i still can’t do it. not even five fingers. i don’t know if i will be able to watch that one, knowing that JJH has a love interest in it, and she’s a YEH look-alike wannabe. i want the real YEH. even though i love JJH and i think he’s a good actor, as well as a loyal boyfriend/”husband” to YEH, i just can’t watch him with another woman. if he’s not with YEH, i don’t even want to see him. however, i’m happy for JJH’s sake that the ratings for 5F is going up and #1 in its time slot, beating May Queen. i am nervous, for YEH, to see him with another woman. maybe that’s why i’m going back to goong. there is one kdrama exception though – gaksital! i want to see it. chipskjaa, it’s not too serious for me (i watched road no.1 and loved it and ji sub). i want to see it since i saw joo won on 2DiN playing hard to win for his teammates lee sugeun and uhm taewoong. haven’t gotten around to it yet, but i will…after i watch goong.

    • i’m going crazy with gaksital! haha.. this is like the first drama of it’s kind that i’ve watched every week and not even missing a single episode! i’m not really into dramas like this, i prefer the romcoms but this one is epic! i love joo won! he is brilliant here! haha very different from the 1 night 2 days persona! btw.. try watching reply 1997 (answer me 1997).. it’s another one i’m watching and i love it! the writers are brilliant!

      • Hi chipskjaa and esigh. I agree with you Esigh on the drama Reply 1997. I am laughing and crying with this drama. I love how they go back and forth between past and present. They do it flawlessly, so that I’m not confused or lost on what is happening. The writers pull me in with “who got married?”. And who did Shi Won get pregnant with? I’m laughing at the comical scenes and all the characters are enjoyable and endearing. This is a must see drama for getting the thoughts of a fan crazy teenager when Kpop started becoming popular. Loving this one a lot! Of course I’m also watching JJH’s Five Fingers too. It’s good, but does not compare to Goong. I will watch it for JJH and the piano playing. Both my sister and daughter are piano teachers. I think YEH is taking a break from the dramas to support JJH. Or maybe JJH doesn’t want YEH to have live scenes with another actor. She is only going to premiers and parties to still be in the media, but will be faithful to Young ha. “wink, wink”.😉😍

          • i yjink you also meant chipskjaa. she was the one who recommended reply (or is it replay) 1997. lol to both of you. i’m still watching goong. haven’t gotten round to gaksital, except for what i saw on tv – ep 19. watching another drama is a tall order for me in as much as i still can’t get past goong. i’m thinking of going back to reading books. david baldacci has had 4 books out now, and james patterson countless, not to mention john grisham, vince flynn, lee child, etc, all ever since i started watching kdrama on my laptop. i’m hoping that reading books can get me off my goong addiction. it’s destroying me. i have to go to the public library tomorrow and check out some books. i just started going to the public library, ‘cuz it was getting too expensive plus my room is now filled with books, even after i traded and donated some. btw, i caught a part of the 1st ep of lovers from hyeundae. it was interesting, mainly because the cop has a hot bod.

      • yeah, i didn’t care much for joo won at first, cuz i hated his character in Kim Takgu – it was bread, love, and dreams here, king of baking elsewhere. after that episode on 2d1n (that’s how they say it here on tv), i started liking him. i think he is the equivalent of lee seunggi – he’s always putting on make-up, lol. maybe, i’ll get around to reply 1997 someday – after the announcement, hahahahaha. idkw, but i can’t seem to rest easy even knowing what i do know. i think it’s because YEH seems to be more in love with JJH than he with her. i got sidetracked, again, lol.

  30. ok guys, i checked out 3 books fron the library, so they’re going to put me to sleep from now on instead of goong. i’m actually on ep 10 now, again. anywho, you won;t be seeing me here for some time, but i’ll be sure to check in once in a while for any news. next significant dates: 10/03 to 10/07. bingung, i’m sorry, but i really can’t bring myself to watch 5F. i guess i’m really just a fan of the pair, not as individuals. see you next time. annyeong!

  31. I love kim jeong hoon as prince troy
    I want to meet him in person…
    Or I want to know his real face book account coz I love him so much..
    I really him..
    I want to ask? I he really married already?

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